looking for good java ide

I am a student studying java, I have been using textpad which has been good, but I want something with method autocompleting, so when you type "." it lists the available methods for that class.

I have tried IntelliJ Idea, Borland JBuilder X (free edition), but neither of these make it easy to just open a single class .java file and then compile/launch it directly from the IDE, without having to create an entire project and make a big deal of the task. By these program insisting that you work from a project instead of single class files it makes development simple applications for my needs about 50x harder then just opening and editing a class file, so I really dislike these tools, however programs like JFE Jens file editor and textpad don't have the autocomplete feature which I would find very useful for getting to learn all the methods.

Are there any programs, preferrably free that have the autocomplete feature, and can easily compiile .java files without the need of starting an entire project. This is for simple java console applications, and although I am moving onto IDE's soon, there is still no need for these hideous IDE's that make a simple project a long and frustrating task.

I realise that a lot of organisations that need multiple teams for projects and all this may find it necessary for these features, but why won't the IntelliJ IDEA let me open up a plain java file and edit it. COME ON, it annoys me so much.

Anyway, back to teh point, if anyone can suggest any decent java ide that has these features then please let me know.

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Oh yeah
It's NetBeans www.netbeans.org

And also JCreator.

Well there's more if you're googling it with "java ide" keyword.
Usually i'm using Eclipse though.
There's Eclipse SDK for Java
another one is Forte from Sun itself.
And i forgot the other one :)
adam8Author Commented:
yeha, i downloaded eclipse, as i remember it was very slow and i had trouble compiling the progs from the IDE, i'm downloading netbeans now, it looks promising. I have tried jcreator which i liked, but it wasn't free i don't think, unless i was thinking of something else
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There's LE and Pro version of JCreator, the LE is freeware.
hi....eclipse is a good IDE but requires more resources (i.e. memory, disk space....)

JDeveloper from Oracle is a good IDE for me.

adam8Author Commented:
jcreate le doesn't have the autocomplete function. netbeans seems ok so far, but is also very slow. Why can't they make a windows specific version. Java programs are so slow, crappy and eat the resources.
Yup. It's the best to use TextPad :)
And it's also make you remember all the syntaxs :P
You'll need that for writing exam :D

I think jEdit (www.jedit.org) is pretty good, BUT, you have to configure hardly anything. So, if you need to learn things, go for NetBeans.
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