Outlook 97 and the Mapi Spooler

I have a user that keeps having problems with her outlook 97.  She is sending an e-mail that is a Powerpoint 2000 doc, but she does not have 2000 she has PP97.  This is getting hung up in the mapi spooler, and not sending.  The problem is once it goes to the mapi spooler it will not let go of it, so I can delete it.  The only cure I have found so far is to remove the mapi associated files and then reload Office 97.  Then create a new mail account and then transfer all old mail to the new account and then delete the old account.  This takes about 35-45 minutes each time this happens.  There has to be an easier way to free the mapi spooler, so I can delete the bad e-mail?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Spaddle,
 Rename the mapi32x.dll and mapi32.dll file to another filename type.
Then, replace it with another working pc that contains these 2 dll files. Also make sure that the outlook doesn't have a personal folder tie to the mailbox. If yes, remove the personal folder first and copy to another drive before renaming it.
The Personal folder size might also over the limit. What you can do is rename the personal folder file as well to another extension name.
Once confirmed the file can be send off, rename the personal folder name to new name as well as to pst extention again.
Please let me know if you have any queries..

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apaddleAuthor Commented:

Sorry, maybe I didn't say it clearly enough before, I have totally removed the dll's and then reload the entire program, change the mailbox and import old mailbox to new folder in new box and then move old e-mail to new inbox.  Have tried a thousand times to send this, but it hangs in the mapi spooler and won't let go of it.  My question I quess is, is there a way to get the spooler to let go, without having to rename/delete the dll's and do the juggling act with the mailbox?  What a PAIN!


Hi Apaddle,
 you do not need to remove your dlls file, just rename it. Take a look at the Personal folder that attached to the mailbox. It can cause problem too if it is nearing 1.5GB to 2GB. as personal folder cannot take up this size, they will hang up the mailbox too..

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apaddleAuthor Commented:
Ok, maybe I'm not doing something correctly.  I have renamed all of the mapi dll's and then replaced them and still have the same problem.  That is why I go ahead and just remove Outlook 97 and then re-install.  The personal folder is only 300 megs, but because the file is stuck in spooler I have to create another personal folder.  Isn't there some kind of fix, a permenant one?  This is really very unacceptable.  Spending 30 minutes every time this happens is just way too much time.  Thanks again.

Try to remove the Login profile as well.. or use another pc to send to see if this problems occuring . if yes, it might due to the pC corrupted system files that link to the outlook 97 apps..

Hope this helps you this time..
I hope this doesn't sound too off the wall...  But reading the problem makes me think you should install the PowerPoint viewer to create an association with the PPT 2000 document.  http://office.microsoft.com/downloads/2000/Ppview97.aspx

apaddleAuthor Commented:
Please, be patient.  I have instructed this user to start saving the viewed PowerPoint file as a PowerPoint 97 file instead of just hiting save and we are experimenting with that.  But, maybe I misled, the real question wasn't about the powerpoint getting stuck, it was is there an easy way to free a file, any file that is stuck in the mapi spooler, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops?  And apparently there isn't.  Thanks and I will post points to whomever got closest.

You can try and delete the message from Exchange using exmerge.  You can find more info here: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/MF013.html
You can do a outlook.exe \cleanviews on the Start -> Run Tab.
apaddleAuthor Commented:
Tell me more, this sounds like it might be promising...what does the outlook.exe \cleanviews do?
Outlook.exe additional tools , will do a cleanup on the views of the outlook as well as the outbox..give a try..you will not lose anything..
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