Two XP Pro Pc Networked but can't access the internet.

I have two computers using Quickbooks and sharing printers.  Both Pcs are new Dell with XP Pro.  They have the same workgroup names and different ip addresses.

With the network setup I can use Quickbooks and the printers, but cannot access the internet.   I am using a dsl connection with a d-link router.
I would like to access the internet on both pcs.

I know the fix must be easy.
Please help
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MarakushConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Okay Make sure the IP addressing is configured something like this

Computer 1

Subnet Mask

Computer 2

Subnet Mask


LAN IP Address
WAN : Depends on your ISP But most likely DHCP
Subnet Mask

That should be it...

Also Just try connecting one machine up first to make sure your internet connection is wokring.

First, check to make sure that you have valid IP addresses.  The easiest way to do this is to right-click on My Network Places and select properties, then double-click Local Area Connection.  Note the number of packets sent and received and then click the other tab to see the IP address.  Since you have a router than it should be something like  If it is a then it is not valid.  Check that and the number of packets and post your findings here.
First, is the Internet connexion share activated ?
Well Have you checked you're router settings make sure that it is set for PPoE . Make sure the Username and password setting in the router are correct. You can access the router by typing this in the internet explorer ,Netscape etc.. if that dont work it may be you're Manual) Once you get a Login screen the normal username and password are... Username:admin  Password:admin
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