Designer 6i and Forms 6i

We have a Forms based Client server application designed using Designer 6i. We are in the process of converting these forns to Web. All is going on Well but One persisting problem is resolutions-- so any body of you have any Idea how to auto set for various Screen resoltions? I am not going to take No tool or technique exists for an answer. Work arounds are welcom. Please see that answers are quick

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Helena MarkováConnect With a Mentor programmer-analystCommented:
The only documentation I have seen is those in the on-line help. You can read topics: " Standards preferences","The name of the object library (STOOLB)".
Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
Maybe one option is using various object libraries - ofgwebol.olb.
ramumorlaAuthor Commented:
Can you please point me to some documentation on this please?
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