Installing Aztech DSL driver in Damn Small Linux?

I am trying to install driver for my Aztech DSL Turbo modem in Damn Small Linux for the past one day without any success  
Actually I was able to find the drive from 
There I downloaded that first file under stable version.After untarring that file, there were many files created in the /root directory it was.I also tried to untar it in /floppy dir but all files didnt untar because some errors came and so I proceded with the files I untarred in /root dir. Since it showed "Permission denied" when I executed ./configure I did this
"chmod 777 *" and then I was able to execute that ./configure file. But the real problem comes now...
When I executed that configure file it showed ...
<some processes it did>
Starting configuration for - in /root..
checking make location...not found
the configuration script has failed, one or more errors have occured, check configure.log and configure.tmp for further details

So Whats the problem.Please help me.Thanks.

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owensleftfootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It looks like you dont have make installed. And I bet if you dont have make installed you dont have a compiler installed either. Run
"gcc -v" (without the quotes) and post the output here.
and in the configure.log and configure.tmp what say?

gopikrishAuthor Commented:
When I opened configure.log and configure.tmp using an editor that same thing I posted above was there....
  But when I just executed configure.log
./configure.log:line1: settings::command not found
                      line2:syntax error near unexpected token '('
                      line2:'runtime prefix path=/usr/local(default)'

And for configure.tmp,
./configure.tmp:line2: runtime: command not found
                       line3: syntax error near unexpected token '('
                       line3: '>(default)'

So any ideas please?
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ok. you need to check your .configure file and replace default for the folder to install the product
gopikrishAuthor Commented:
It said "Command not found". So is it possible to install that compiler from anywhere and will that Damn small Linux support it? Thanks.
ok like owensleftfoot said you need to install gnu-gcc compiler
gopikrishAuthor Commented:
So after installing gcc, will my configure script file work without any problems or should I have to compile something using gcc? Awaiting for reply.Thanks.
no, after you install the gcc compiler you can compile your script without problems. (we hope)   :)
You cant just install gcc on its own - you need library files,standard headers etc along with make etc. I dont know what packaging system DSL uses. But for instance to intall gcc on fedora core 1 you would also have to install

# /bin/sh
# /sbin/install-info
# binutils
# cpp
# glibc-devel
# libgcc >= 3.3.2-1

You would probably have the first one.
gopikrishAuthor Commented:
Well I am facing a situation of recursion problem currently :(
 To install gcc I need an internet connection since I need to download some files and to install Internet my driver is asking for "make" file for which i need gcc to be installed.So nothing I can do now... anyway..
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