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How to split ogg.avi file?

I've a ogg.avi file of 1.3G size. I've tried to use VirtualDubMod to split it. I selected the required part of it and save as a new file, but it turn out  error.

I've tried to use WinSplit to split it into 2 files. The first part is ok but the 2nd part cannot be played. Moreover, it does not allow to select the required part of file.

1) Please advise how to split it.
2) Any other software can help to split it?

1 Solution
What error? Download gspot, drag the file into it, and see if there are errors using the numbered button on the left side.
mikepsps125Author Commented:
The video codec for the ogg.avi file is DivX5.0.

As the 2nd part of splitted file could not play by Window Media Player, I deleted it and can't use Gspot to check it. I tried several times and the 2nd part still can't be played. I want to know if there is other software can help to split it. I appreciate the WinSplit, it only require little time to split a file although only the first part is successfully played.

The best splitters I use are Virtualdub or virtualdubmod (the second make the size computation by itself). Since the movie is in ogg media format, try to change its termination from avi to ogm, and open it with virtualdubmod. Anyway, what is the virtualdub error? When it's crashing it creates an error log. When you tried the split with vdmod, have you used the video option Direct Stream Copy? By default it is set to Full processing mode.
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Is this an anime file ?

It sounds like a divx video with multiple audio or subs, which gets termed .ogm, not .ogg.  .ogg is an alternative audio codec.

You should be able to do as crissand said.  Use Virtualdub ('s direct stream copy, and cut the video about halfway through.  Make sure you have NEWEST divx.  (  Also, when cutting the video, make sure you select a KEYFRAME to begin the second part of the cut.  You can cycle through keyframes in virtualdub by pressing ctrl + arrows.

Maybe I'm wrong but for avi's with ogg audio (a la Matroska .mkv) VirtualDubMod is the way to go.

First off check the .avi for errors (VIDEO tab..scan video for errors...naturally)

Ignore any warning about vbr and NO

I've had trouble with these files before so I first DEMUX the audio from the STREAMS tab (do not try and use the save WAV feature as it usually fails) then convert the new .ogg audio file to a .wav with AUDACITY....then convert the .wav to a nice and simple MP3 (and keep the .wav until you are sure everythings ensure to check the length of the .wav is the same as the video).

Next using the VIDEO tab/ Direct Stream Copy, copy the video only to a new folder (no audio).

Now you can use NANDUB to mux the MP3 to the video....and split as per normal.

have fun!
mikepsps125Author Commented:
Thanks for help.

I found that I use full processing mode to split the file at first so there was error. When I used Direct Stream Copy, it is ok.

Can anyone tell me why?

In full processing mode vdub tries to reencode the file. If no codec specified, vdub defaults to uncompressed avi, and it fills the disk very quickly. I guess that was the error you're receiving.
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