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I have a 1GB module of DDR333 PC2700 RAM and it's classified as High Density due to its 64x4 configuration.

So how does it work? Like how is 32Mx8-bitsx4 1GB?

What is mine? 64Mx???x4?  the 4 means how many banks right?  The number of megs means how many megs per chip?  What's the bits?

I'm looking for a motherboard (on this planet preferrably) that supports my RAM in full LOL!

My ASUS A7V8X-X doesn't support it AT ALL and my ABit only sees it as 512mb.

I'm getting an Athlon 64 and can't find a motherboard that has support for it, or this information is simply unpublished.

What motherboard (Gigabyte, ABit, ASUS, MSI, Intel, or any brand actually) with the VIA800 chipset or nForce3 chipset has support for High Density memory?  That is my question.
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You lucky that a7v8x-x supports any memory at all. That board has problems with virtually every memory on the market. Need more info on that stick of ram also. 1 GB would be 1 Million MB count the chips on PCB of memory and divide into 1 Million. Also is it a SIMM Single sided Memory module or Dimm Double. I have one GB sticks in both my A7N8X Deluxe and P4P800 Deluxe Corsair and OCZ Technology. SO far not a single problem. Need more info on your memory though.
LOL Sorry one thousand MB my Mistake.
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Or to be exact 1024 thousand LMAO.
Firstly, lets deal with the memory...and a little history lesson:)

Many years ago, people thought that 32K was more than enough memory:)  !!...and the standard PC configuration ended up being able to address 1MB of memory only. This consisted of 640K of memory for programs, and the upper memory was used for peripherals etc. Remember himem.sys/extended and expanded memory?

Basically in order to access more memory than this the architecture, using a Memory Management Unit (MMU) would swap memory from higher locations than 1MB into the area below 1MB so that it could be used. We are still 'suffering' a little from this historical development process, in that banks of memory may be switched in and out of usage.

Your 1GB memory stick consists of 32MB * 8 = 256MB....but it consists of 4 banks of this = 1 GB.

If you read the motherboard documentation, you will see that for many memory types it will only support the addressing of 2 of those banks...hence you only appear to have only 512MB.

As for support for high density memory, most of the newer boards do support it, including yours!....but only specific versions!!! You need to study the documentation....and yes you're absolutely right ....it's a bit of a nightmare. Welcome to the 'bleeding endge' of memory technology;)
Adif just do not be disapointed if it does not work on your board. That board has a very bad memory controller it probally will not work correctly whatever you do. I would personally go with an Nforce 2 chipset based board. Goodluck.
AdiFAuthor Commented:
The point is that it is NOT documented. I have only seen memory descriptions (i.e. 32x8x4) in a list in manuals by Gigabyte brand motherboards.

ASUS didn't state ANYTHING, ANYWHERE. In fact, it states that it supports FOUR (4) banks of PC2700 ram, so I put my FOUR-BANK module in all on its own and it still doesn't work.

The main point is though that I'm trying to find a motherboard that will support this RAM module for my Athlon 64.

P. S. it's a 64x4x4 configuration, not 32x8x4. Well whatever; I have 8 chips on each side (16 in total) so that means that each chip is holding 64mb.
AdiFAuthor Commented:
64 Mbit (2Mx8-bitsx4 banks) 64 Mbyte
64 Mbit (1Mx16-bitsx4 banks) 32 Mbyte
128 Mbit(4Mx8-bitsx4 banks) 128 Mbyte
128 Mbit(2Mx16-bitsx4 banks) 64 Mbyte
256 Mbit(8Mx8-bitsx4 banks) 256 Mbyte
256 Mbit(4Mx16x4 banks) 128 Mbyte
512 Mbit(16Mx8-bitsx4 banks) 512 Mbyte
512 Mbit(8Mx16-bitsx4 banks) 256 Mbyte
1 Gbit(32Mx8-bitsx4 banks) 1 Gbyte
1 Gbit(16Mx16-bitsx4 banks) 512 Mbyte

That's from the Gigabyte motherboard manual. I don't get it :S
http://usa.asus.com/products/mb/socket940/sk8v/overview.HTM on the bottom of the page asus states which 1GB sticks it takes. As with most asus boards. As for your memory I do not know. I do know however as stated before that I have dual channel 2GB kits in two of my asus boards 1 intel based 1 is AMD Athlon based.
So it looks like Infenion chips and samsung on that a64 Board check the others if they match your memory goodluck.
AdiFAuthor Commented:
I've seen that chart.  It means nothing.

It's just an auction for which company bids highest to pay ASUS to list them on their website :P :P :P

I tried checking to see what types they are, but I don't know how this stuff works.  If the supported (listed) RAM there is like 16Mx8x4 or whatever then does that mean that 16Mx16x4 would work? or 8Mx8x4? or what? i dunno! :\
Well then here is my advice. Sell that stick you have on ebay. Buy a good A64 board and Some good name brand dual channel ram and your done. Or you could just play guessing games. But in my experience and BTW I have alot that A7V8X-X that you are using has problems with the memory controller this I know from first hand experience with a couple of hundred of those boards. I do not offer them anymore due to it is just not worth the time and RMA's. For the few extra bucks the A7N8X is a superior product.

"It's just an auction for which company bids highest to pay ASUS to list them on their website :P :P :P"
It very well may be an auction or it may not be but I have stuck to there products for a long time and ASUS and ABIT are top notch products which it is very rare they give me problems. Goodluck on your Quest.
If You are Incredibly Lucky. And I mean a horseshoe in both pockets. Get the Bios Update for your board. It has happend once to me back in the SDRAM days. An update got a 512mb 133mhz sdram simm working only after UPDATE. I even when back to my old bios flash to double check and it didn't see it again. So Maybe, just maybe you will get lucky.
AdiFAuthor Commented:
Okay I will try flashing to latest even though there haven't been any related changes :\ hehe

I've used. SiSoft Sandra to analyze this module, and this is what it came up with:
Logical/Chipset 1 Memory Banks
Bank 0 : 512MB DDR-SDRAM 2.0-3-3-7CL 2CMD
Bank Interleave : 4-way
Speed : 2x 133MHz (266MHz data rate)
Multiplier : 1/1x
Width : 64-bit
Power Save Mode : No
Fixed Hole Present : No

Memory Module 1 : 1024MB 32x(64Mx4) DDR-SDRAM PC2700U-2533-700 (CL2.5 up to 167MHz) (CL2 up to 133MHz)
Hang on folks, this is documented! - I downloaded the pdf manual for this motherboard and it says 'maximum 2 banks only'. I have a copy on my hard drive! Unfortunatley, I can't find where I got this from first time round:(

Funnily enough:


is actually slightly different and says for the PC2700 'max to 4 banks only'.

The key here is that it says max *to*, maximum up to? This implies to me that either there are a numbe rof revisions of this board around, and/or that the technology for the banks has been developing (which is also probable!) and different numbers of PC2700 may be supported at 2 banks or 4 banks? .

This difference also lends weight to the suggestion that a BIOS update may resolve the situation.


AdiFAuthor Commented:
I flashed to the latest, (ver. 1012) to no avail. :(

Also, (and this always happened too), when place this module in DIMM1, nothing happens; just the lights on my CD drives and **** turn on (when I turn on my computer).

When I place it in DIMM2 or DIMM3, the PC speaker simply beeps indefinitely (or 12 times, which means to check the memory, I think).

Regardlessly, I'm still just trying to find a Socket 754 motherboard that supports high density RAM :P Forget that A7V8X-X thing! hehe.
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