Need a utility or way to get email alerts if services or servers go down.

Is there any windows server util or resource tool that can monitor a server group and email me if selected services or the server itself goes down? If you know of something 3rd party, can you tell me what you personally like about it?

Thanks in advance!
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Yan_westConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This seem like a very good utility too.
What'S up gold does that, but it'S not free.. it is a GREAT product. it does tons of other things too..
Hi zenportafino,
Network monitoring tools :-

Big Brother (Windows & Linux) -
Nagios (Linux) -
OpenNMS (Linux) -
WhatsUp Gold (Windows) -
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Servers Alive is a great utility, free for up to ten servers. 
zenportafinoAuthor Commented:
I looked at them all and chose Servers Alive.  The configuration is easy and setting up the email alerts was straight forward.  By far the best is having the ability to test your settings as you make them for email, webserver, sql databases ect.. Total learning curve is no more than 2 hours.

For anyone using 10 or fewer servers and just want to be notified if a server/service/DB/Website/ect.. is down this will do it and it's free.  Monitoring more than 10 items requires $$$.

Thanks Yan.
zenportafinoAuthor Commented:
One last item.  The install will reboot your system upon hitting "finish" so be careful and be prepared for it.  I wasn't pleased about the "suprise" but still recommend the app.
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