Datecompare compares date AND time - how to compare just date?

I am using datecompare in this manner:


However, I am not getting the results I'm looking for because the date AND time of now() of being compared to just a date and zero hours.  I just want to compare date for date.  How can I fix this?
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAsked:
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danrosenthalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try this...

<CFSET datetimestart = "8/08/04 8:15pm">
<CFSET datetimeend = "8/10/04 1:30am">

#datediff('d',datetimestart,datetimeend)# days
#evaluate(datediff('h',datetimestart,datetimeend) MOD 24)# hours
#evaluate(datediff('n',datetimestart,datetimeend) MOD 60)# minutes
tim_csConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this #DateCompare(DateFormat(now(), 'MM/DD/YYYY'), getDD.DueDate)#
If you just want the effects of datecompare with date only then use tim_cs's solution.

If you want to be able to fine-control the comparison use datediff.

Here is a page that explains the first parameter to datediff for the different comparisons
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David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
This seems to do exactly what I'm looking for:

#DateCompare(CreateDate(year(now()),month(now()),day(now())), getFU.FUDueDate)#
Renante EnteraSenior PHP DeveloperCommented:
Hello theamzngq!

You can also do it in this manner :

<cfset Date1 = DateFormat(now(),'yyyy/mm/dd')>
<cfset Date2 = DateFormat(getDD.DueDate,'yyyy/mm/dd')>


eNTRANCE2002 :-)

David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I tried this

#DateCompare(DateFormat(now(), 'MM/DD/YYYY'), getDD.DueDate)#

which is essentially what you have written, only broken up into variables, and it didn't work, which is why I went with the above.
What results did my example give you?  I tested it and it worked fine for me.
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay, folks.  haven't been at work for a bit...
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