Uninstalling service pack 4

Hi allz,

I have some problems with service pack 4 installed on my windows 2000 also I cannot uninstall it because at the time of installation it asked me to create an archive ... but I choose not to do so.....so there is no uninstall information available!!!:$
but I want to remove that service pack..!! any trick to uninstall it ?

thanks in advance
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mwnnjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi imnajam,

i don't want to break down your courage,

but see : there is no chance to solve your problem without a new installation of your system.
Read very carefully the  Readme for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 from Microsoft and especially the point 3.1 (as above).I can give you other links,where you will find the same comments , but it will be not useful for you , nor to help you solving  your problem.
The best way is:
1) make a new , clean installation of Windows 2000 and upgrade straight away to Service Pack 4 with an archive option.

Hint : Please,do not make an upgrade from a previous version of  a  Windows 2000's SP to a newer one ( example : you install Win2k clean ,then make an upgrade to SP3 and at the end a newer upgrade to SP4 - this will only make your system unstable and  "lazy" ).

2) make a new installation of Win2k with SP4 integrated (as above : http://old.bink.nu/bootcd/).

There are some useful links to avoid wrong steps among the new installation; and some other hints:
http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBN/tip6800/rh6852.htm ,
http://home.earthlink.net/~vorck/ ,
http://lists.gpick.com/pages/Windows_2000_Tools.htm .

Hope it will help you!

btw: if i find something more , i'll post it here.


dlwyatt82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you did not choose to back up the files needed to uninstall the service pack, then there is no way to roll back. Your only option is to reinstall the OS and apply only the patches you want.

Always choose to backup files necessary to uninstall, if you are not absolutely sure you won't need them. :)
imnajamAuthor Commented:
how about grabbing the uninstall file from somewhere else and than use it for uninstalling?
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I have never tried that, so I can't say for certain that it will or will not work, but I think it is highly doubtful based on what I know of the Service Pack uninstall directory. Since the state of PCs can be very different before you install SP4 (for instance, you may have various hotfixes installed that other users don't), the rollback procedure (and the archive directory containing the files to be restored) should be different on each PC. Odds are, if you just copied that data off someone else's computer, you would wind up with a corrupted OS if the uninstall script ran at all.

Again, I can't say for sure if this is what will happen.
Hi imnajam,

was just looking for a solution to yoer problem and i found 2 links:

1)general solution for installing and recovering in crash cases:


2) the answer of your question :

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/downloads/servicepacks/SP4/ReadMeSP.htm ;

see this piont:
"3.1 Installing Service Pack 4 from the CD
If you do not want to create backup files, select the Do Not Archive Files option when the Setup Wizard displays it.

If you select Do Not Archive Files, you will not be able to remove SP4 later. We recommend that you create backup files.....";

so as micro$oft there is no chance to uninstall the pack .
I would recommend to save all your sensitive date to an another storage than the systemdrive and make your installation clean with an service pack 4 update with archive files option - as a suggestion only.
You can see also:


Good luck!

... one more suggestion :

please do not try to copy the directory  \WINNT\$NtServicePackUninstall$ and then use the file for uninstallation of the pack spuninst.exe from an another pc an try a "durty trick",
because theese files are compiled for a different platform than yours :motherboard type ,system partition... processor and RAM.So if you try
this "trick" , you could damage your installation for sure or in the lucky case - it would not work.To do this you need the same pc as yours :
same motherboard !!!,same BIOS version,same system partition on same type of HDD ...
So i think dlwyatt82 has already given you the right answer/suggestion.

till later!
imnajamAuthor Commented:
thanks for the suggestion!! any other way to do so ?
imnajamAuthor Commented:
hmm mwnnj..thanks for the links and to the point answer that it's not possible!!
I would be glad to have more links from you!! if you can post them here
answer accepted!
That will be no problem!
First of all thanks, theese are my first points - appreciate !
So i can give you furthur helpful links , but see, make a clean installation and make your life easyer!
The clean and stable installation with the updates makes the pc "goes" smooth :))
I'll be spinning around.

Thanks a lot and all the best!

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