Cisco 6000 series upgrade or buy new

Posted on 2004-08-10
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
I currently have cisco 6000. We are preparing to implement VOIP on our PBX by making the PBX IP enabled - Option 11 with network card/sware installed on the PBX. The Cisco 6000 UTP line cards support inline powerbut I believe I need to upgrade the Supervisor engine to support QOS which is needed for voice.

Do I need to upgrade the Supervisor Engine with a PFC & MSFC card in order to use QoS or will my existing config support voip? (see below) I have about 300 users most of which will eventually migrate to voip

The Cisco 6000 is now being discontinued so I'm not sure if it's wise to invest in upgrading...unless the supervisor engine & line cards I have are compatible with the newer cisco 6500....are my cards compatible with cisco 6500

Someone is recommending I switch to Nortel 8300....any input on these two switches (cisco 6000 vs Nortel 8300) will be appreciated

WS-C6009 Software, Version NmpSW: 6.2(3)
Copyright (c) 1995-2001 by Cisco Systems
NMP S/W compiled on Jul 23 2001, 12:42:04

System Bootstrap Version: 5.3(1)
System Web Interface Version: Engine: 5.3 ADP device: Cat6000 ADP Version: 1.5 A
DK: 40

Hardware Version: 2.0  Model: WS-C6009  Serial #: xxxxxxxxxxx

PS1  Module: WS-CAC-1300W    Serial #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS2  Module: WS-CAC-2500W    Serial #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mod Port Model               Serial #    Versions
--- ---- ------------------- ----------- --------------------------------------
1   2    WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE    xxxxxxxxxxxx Hw : 3.2
                                         Fw : 5.3(1)
                                         Fw1: 5.1(1)CSX
                                         Sw : 6.2(3)
                                         Sw1: 6.2(3)
         WS-F6020A           xxxxxxxxxxx Hw : 2.0
3   24   WS-X6324-100FX-MM   xxxxxxxxxxxxx Hw : 2.0
                                         Fw : 5.4(2)
                                         Sw : 6.2(3)
4   24   WS-X6324-100FX-MM   xxxxxxxxxx Hw : 2.0
                                         Fw : 5.4(2)
                                         Sw : 6.2(3)
9   48   WS-X6348-RJ-45      xxxxxxxxxxxx Hw : 5.0
                                         Fw : 5.4(2)
                                         Sw : 6.2(3)
         WS-F6K-VPWR                     Hw : 1.0

       DRAM                    FLASH                   NVRAM
Module Total   Used    Free    Total   Used    Free    Total Used  Free
------ ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ----- ----- -----
1       65408K  43686K  21722K  16384K  14615K   1769K  512K  287K  225K
Question by:isltt
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Expert Comment

ID: 11767871
>Do I need to upgrade the Supervisor Engine with a PFC
PFC- yes, MSFC- no

The sup engine part numbers are exact same 6000 or 6500, so your line cards should swap over, and I think even the fan tray and power supplies are compatible. You might want to look into upgrading the power supplies if you're going to actually provide power to the phones. There is a new Power over Ethernet standard, so there are also new line cards that support this standard.

I would not switch to Nortel and lose all the experience you have with the 6000 series. Nortel is going through another round of big layoffs, too. First they were Wellfleet, then Bay, now Nortel, what next week? Service and support can't match Cisco's.

Author Comment

ID: 11771031
thanks - I confirmed line cards are swappable - I already have line cards with inline power( WS-F6K-VPWR)...these don't support ?

can anyone recommend any 'white papers' or similar docs that detail tweaking cisco configs - qos, etc for voip
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Author Comment

ID: 11773885
final question
There also seems to be a PFC & PFC2 as well as MSFC & MSFC2 - is the '2' better or a later release or do they provide different functionality
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Expert Comment

ID: 11774347
"2" is newer, currently shipping version with SUP2. The PFC is for the SUP1a, but there is also a MSFC2 available for the SUP1a.  There is also a MSFC3 on the Supervisor 720

Author Comment

ID: 11774592
so if i were to upgrade my sup1A - Can I choose PFC and MSFC2 seeing that PFC2 is not an option or would I have to stick with MSFC

nb: If I'm upgrading I'll add the MSFC(x) card as well

would I need additional memory for my Sup1A

ps: I guess that wasn't my final question...sorry
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Accepted Solution

lrmoore earned 500 total points
ID: 11774884
Sup1a "should" take the PFC and MSFC2, and I'll bet money it would need memory upgrade.
I say 'should' only because you can buy a SUP1a with PFC and MSFC2, but I don't know that they are in fact field upgradable by just adding the daughter cards. You'll have to check with the Cisco sales rep to find that out.

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