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playstation II Bios

My son wants to play PS2 games on his computer.  What do we need to get this to work?  He says he needs the bios from his PS2.  How would he do this or get this?
Thank you in advance!
2 Solutions
one thing you need to know, don't let your son tear open his PS2 to get the bios chip out.....that would be pure murder and would probably void your warranty (serious look)..

but seriously, do a couple of searches online for PS2 emulators, they should have several software emultation solutions for you to use.  I don't have any links on hand to point you in the right direction unfortunately.
mchyzikAuthor Commented:
Well we dont need to worry about voiding the warranty as we already had done that when we installed the mod chip. He has the emulators already, but needs a copy of the bios... thats where we are stuck!  He is using a pcsx2 version 0.6.
Wojciech DudaCommented:
Well, as you have the right to own a BIOS image (you own a PS2) try looking for one on the internet and downloading it. To read the BIOS from the PS2 you'd need a piece of hardware called an EEPROM reader.
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Yeah, I'd agree w mcwojtekk: don't pull it apart, try to get a BIOS image online.

This link tells something about getting PS2 to run on the computer (though it's from a different emu than the one you're using, so things may be a little different.)

I couldn't get their BIOS link to work, but I found the files they spoke of at BIOS drivers website

If you need some additional files/info, let us know
If I may ask, where do you get the pcsx2 version 0.6 from? I ask this because it should has an official website to put the information about this product.

From the website, you will be able to grab the BIOS image you need for your emulator. As you get version 6, you may get the all current BIOS image files for the version 6 from the website.

If I'm still remembered, you can get this website from the help menu, but it's still bluring in my mind.

Hope this help.
Wojciech DudaCommented:
The BIOS cannot be obtained from the website. Need to look elsewere.
the file you're looking for is named "scph10000.bin" and is around 2MB size
most probably you won't find it in any website, as it's an illegal file if you don't own a ps2, even owning a ps2 it's legality is arguable

You can find it for sure on p2p programs, I would recommend downloading edonkey at:
and doing a search on it for that filename, beware of fakes
>My son wants to play PS2 games on his computer.  What do we need to get this to work?  
you only need PS2 Emulators. you can download this if you google search for it.

>He says he needs the bios from his PS2.  How would he do this or get this?
no need bios. only the Ps2 Emulators.
you need DVD and the Ps2 Emulator and walah, you can plan PS2 games on your computer

the experts above gave you one of the link already,

google search results
Wojciech DudaCommented:
Hey Jerry,

want to bet about the BIOS issue? Also I assume all of you know playing PS2 games is quite hard with PCSX2 as it does not emulate the PS2 fully yet.
ic. its not the same as the PS1. I have the ps2 emulator at home but havent tried it yet. i have ps2 and i dont intend to play it on pc.
hmmm... from the readme..

Q: Does PCSX2 require a 'real' PS2 BIOS.

A: PCSX2 can use a 'real' BIOS, and is preferable to HLE
BIOS as it is more compatible. But HLE does work well
with many homebrew demos.

Q: Why not use HLE?

A: HLE is a difficult thing to do for a PS2. Game
developers use their own modules for each game. That
would mean we would have to HLE each module. This would
be a massive task, and not a good idea, as emulating
the real BIOS will mean compatibility with all released

Q: Where do I get a BIOS?

A: You can dump the BIOS from your own PS2, DO NOT ask us
or anyone else for a BIOS, the BIOS is copyright of SONY
and is illegal to download, so we won't help you with

are there any ps2emulators out there that doesnt require PS2 bios?
Is there any PS2 emulator that realy works?
accepted answer- No. not yet anyway.
interesting stuffs. its really that hard!? i guess there is no availble yet.
pcsx2 seems to be the more advance version but still under testing and needs PS2 bios.

good site for all emulator related stuff...

this page was down at the time i tried to access it, but the chached site is:

This will not have the bios, as it is illegal to distribute over the internet.
In order to get a valid PS2 Bios for the emulator, you need to have a the LAN expansion for your PS2, a LAN cable connected to your home network, and you must download the following BIOS dump utility from the PS2 Developer website:

Unzip, install and execute the extraction utility. It'll have onscreen instructions on how to connect to your PS2 to download the Bios.

Once downloaded, put the ***.BIN file in your emulators Bios directory. Reconfigur your EMU to point to that bios folder when loading the EMU.

You should be able to use the emulator then.

I must note though, the EMU doesn't work all that well and many of the games your son will want to play will likely not work, or will need a lot of configuring to get working.

As stated by other experts in this thread, the PS2 EMU is far from complete. Give it another year or two, or three...
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