Backup Domain Controller cannot access computer in a different IP range by using the computer Name

I have a Backup Domain Controller that cannot access computers by their computer name when their IP address is in a different range.  However, the server can access any computer by the computer name where the IP address is in the same range.  The computer can access any other computer if it accesses by the IP address.  So the computer name is not mapping to the IP address when the IP address is not in the same range as the servers.

The server is running Windows NT 4.0 SP 6a
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krazieintentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well since you can connect by Ip its a netbios problem, your comp can not resolve the names of the computers to its ip address.

it is very simple to manually add the hosts and Ip address to the dns table.

Its called lmhost

the location of this file is \system32\drivers\etc\lmhost (the actual file name is called lmhost) I dont remember on a nt system how to get to the system 32 folder, it may be C:\winnt\system32

open it with notepad

its very simple. and the directs are givin in the file

type the ip address of the computer spance then the computer name and save

for example mypc

thats it, and mypc will resolve to this address.

I suggest adding it at the top of the file, because when scanning for hostnames the entire file is parsed, even the comments. so if u add the ips to the bottom it has to scan the entire document before reading the ips and can slow performance.

make sure that the lines you add do not have # in front of them, if it does it will think its just a comment, not a code line and not read it

Hope this helps.


same range? you mean same subnet?

if that is the case its because it can not route between subnets and you need to set up routes between the different subnetwork addresses

go to run

type CMD  and hit enter

the command promt will open,

type ROUTE PRINT and post the display here, also post the exact ip of the domain controll and what ur trying to access

it could just be an dns issue thats not being resolved.

if i got it right it sounds like a DNS issue,
do you have a dns server on the DC or both dc and BDC ?

you'll need to supply more info about that...

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WINS, DNS, or routing issue.  Please let us know more information - route print, ipconfig /all, etc, etc.
triaditAuthor Commented:
I do mean same subnet when I said same range.  Everything was working up until yesterday and this is the only computer having this problem.  In routeprint the results are
Net. Dest.           Netmask                Gateway                Interface                                     

The metric on all entries is 1.  The server's IP address is and is the only comp on the network having a problem.  The server cannot connect to computers having IP addresses 172.16.3.* or 172.16.4.* by their computer name.  The servers gateway is and its subnet mask is
Oh we do not have a DNS server within our organization.
your route print looks correct, and seems like your computer should be able to connect to all networked computers.

your default gateway is set correct, pointing to your gateway address.

can you connect to these computers by IP address,

meaning can you ping 172.16.3.* and 172.16.4.*

if you can that that means its a dns error, your computer doesnt recognize them as being in the same workgroup or domain and can not resolve their hostnames to an ip address.

on the domain controller

type net view in the command promt, this will show you a list of all of the computers it currently knows the names of

if you dont see the ones that you would like to cnnect to you will have to add them,

how ever if you can not ping the address its a routing issue.

and you will need to put a router between all of the subnets so that they can communicate with eachother

- Kevin
triaditAuthor Commented:
I can connect by the IP addresses.  When I type the net view command it shows the computer name, but when I type net view //compname it returns an error 53 network path not found.
im sorry bro, i told you the wrong file

not lmhost, my mistake

the file is called host

and is located in the same folder

all of the other directions above are the same
your best solution is DNS server on both of the DC's.
netbios will have hard time to reach network on different subnets.
setup a dns server and set all your pc's to work with that dns server and that way you wont have to maintain the "HOSTS" file on every single pc, you just add your pointers in the dns and then you will be able to resolve any computer name on your network FROM any computer.
well he wouldnt have to maintain it on every computer, because he said that every other computer can connect, so its just this one comp thats givin him problems.

it would be a lot to set up a dns server correctly and then go back to every computer and statically enter in the dns server address.

yes its more etical in a large network but givin the fact that he doesnt have a dns server already, i guess its not that large of a network. For this solution for his problem with one comp giving him a problem that would be too much work to set up a dns server. Because for it to work effiently he would still enter in all of the ips and hostnames for every computer on the network, not just the subnets he cant reach, and then set every computer on each subnet to pull from the dns.

where as just updating his host table on this one computer and not messing with working configs with the rest of the network already

a lot more can go wrong if he implements a dns server

triaditAuthor Commented:
A DNS server is probably the best way to go, but for my network of 60 computers in 3 locations it is hardly worth the effort to set up.  Ultimately this company will definitely move to using DNS, but there are to many other more important issues that have to be dealt with first.  I will try the hosts fix and report back.
triaditAuthor Commented:
Oops I forgot to come back and close yesterday.  Thanks for your help.
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