US Map ...dynamic??

I want to make a map dynamic based on an excel file.

Where do i start. this is a big q!!

Lets say i have cities that are in a row and for every city there is either a name , joe, bob , or mike, and for every joe, bob , or mike, there is a color, red, green, or blue.

I want the city on the map to reflect the color of joe if joe is listed with that city on that excel sheet.

any ideas??
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danrosenthalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should look into buying a mapping program like this one:
finnstoneAuthor Commented:
i am starting from scratch here so i need a map too!!
Hi finnstone,
If you want something to do with dynamic image display ( this is not exactly related to your questions but you may find some pointers for your code).

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