auto service patch installation for windows xp, 2000, 9x?

Dear experts,

My company have over 300 pcs and server running, 2003, 2000 server, nt, xp , 98/95. To prevent affect by virus, want to install windows patch automatically on those pc when critical security patch avaliable!

How can I do these and not affect the normally operation of those pc, server?

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ashishdagaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

How to download Windows updates and drivers from the Windows Update Catalog
dgroscostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Microsoft Software Update Services (as above) and set a Group Policy to force installation of critical updates on all the client PCs.

The GPO settings are described in the white paper that you can download with the product.
As for viruses, you should use a console-managed Anti virus, such as McCafee's EPO or Symantec's Service Center

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