USB Problem on (Gentoo) Linux....

So, here's the deal:

I think my hardware (USB Port) on my notebook is dying -- however, having said that ....

It seems that *sometimes* Linux notices my Bluetooth USB dongle is in, and other times it does not -- the USB port feels loose, so I attribute it to a bad USB port; however, when I boot into Windows XP, it never has ANY problems ... which makes me back up and say, "While the port might be loose, it seems to be working." (I will note, the USB dongle ALWAYS gets power on the Linux side, too).

SOoooooooooo, I reinstalled BlueZ, updated the kernel, etc.. nothing helps -- about 20% of the time it works (if I do 'shutdown -h now' -- restart that is) ....

Question is -- is there a way to "flush" out the kernel memory, to make sure it knows it's disconnected?  Or, to "restart" the USB "plug and play" from BlueZ ?  I really need this box, as it's a demo box for a Bluetooth app., and going to meetings with a 20% chance of it working is rather embarassing ... buying a new notebook now is out of the questions (lack of $$$$$) ...

My only hope is being able to "reset" the USB or flush the memory to insure the kernel KNOW it isn't connected ....

Any ideas?  (BTW, it used to work without problem and nothing changed software wise, so it is probably the port -- but why does it work on Windows then -- ugh!)

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pYraniaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's probably a problem with the kernel's usb driver, which is not a gentoo related problem.

unload the dongle driver and the usb driver afterwards and reload them again in reverse order, that should help.
are you using hotplug?
praefectusAuthor Commented:
Yeap, using hotplug ....

So, I should unload the BlueZ drivers and then the USB drivers?  How do I unload?  You mean remove and re-install?
rmmod <BlueZ driver> && rmmod usb-(e|u|o)hci
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err with hotplug a simple /etc/init.d/hotplugd restart might work also
praefectusAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll give the hotplug restart a try ... that doesn't work, I'll try re-installing, but we've done it twice now -- nothing has changed.  I'll let you know ASAP ...

praefectusAuthor Commented:
Nothing really helped, as it just might be a USB port (hardware) problem itself ... thanks for helping.
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