Pioneer DVR-A07XLA installed on WinXP ... Unable to burn DVD

I'm installing on an XP-Pro system that had a CD-burner (PlexWriter) and another
Pioneer A03 DVD burner.

I removed the PlexWriter (which was set as master) and installed the A07 (also
set to master) in the same slot.

Booted up and windows recognized the new hardware.

I first tried playing an audio CD--it would play, but fast forwarding was very
jerky -- minor problem.

Next problem;  Using PowerDVD to play a DVD I burned with PrimoDVD on the A03,
it complained about a protection key and would not play.

PrimoDVD ID's the two drives as:

[cd-rom icon]  <<<--- mis-id'ed!
Pinoeer DVD-RW
DVD-107D Host:1 ID:0 LUN:0(Y:)

[dvd-rw icon]
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103
Host:1 ID:1 LUN:0 (Z:)

Note the CD-ROM icon Prassi PrimoDVD shows.  Windows explorer and disk
management both show both drives as DVD's.

If I put a blank DVD-R (TDK 2x) into the 107D and look at drive properties, It
says its a "Stamped DVD or closed recordable", whereas in the 103 drive is shows
"DVD Recordable" (similar results with a RW 2x DVD).

I downloaded and installed the "DVD Region-CSS Free" utility and now I can play
DVD's on the new 107D drive, but no change from PrimoDVD's view (cannot select as DVD burner).

I did find that no region code had been set on the A07...I set it to Region 1
(same as the A03 was set to) and it made no difference.

I suspect there is some simple answer, but googling the net and your forum, I
could find nothing appropriate.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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khennsuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's see...

The link you provided does point to a valid firmware upgrade for your drive.  In fact, the link points to the european version of the firmware update package, which is apparently preferable to the American firmware update package to which I pointed you.  It should be noted that from everything I have read, the 1.13 firmware (the one you provided the link to) is apparently not noticeably different from your curret firmware revision.

My suggestion is that if you have configured your hardware and software to perform as you want it to, do not upgrade the firmware.

Your DMA modes are correct for both of your devices.

I resubmit my endorsement of Alcohol 120%, though Nero is also a very good package, and easy to use.

Lastly, if you have not already checked out these web sites, you may find them (as I have) to be invaluable resources for anything DVD-related:


Are the two drives on the same cable?  Try separating them, and use the A07 separately to see if it will work or if it has an interference problem.

Try removing the IDE driver in device manager (safe mode) and let XP reinstall it automatically.
BlennylipsAuthor Commented:
Two drives are on the same cable.

Removed IDE drivers and rebooted...found/installed change.

PowerDVD errors with

Error Code 8090000C
Copy protection key exchange failure - Key not present.

Windows Media Player plays video with no complaint, but no audio...

Uninstalled DirectCD with no change (other than drive properties now has no DirectCD tab).

Changed drives places on the cable and switch the 103 to master and the 107 to slave ... no change ...

Left drives in switched cable position, but put the 107 to master and the 103 to slave ... no change ...

Got to run some errands...I'll try cable select on both DVD drives next.

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Try installing the A07 in another system, to make sure that you have a working drive.
I'm wondering if the drives don't get along on the same channel. If you take the A03 out of the machine and just install the A07 as master, does it still give you the same problems?
BlennylipsAuthor Commented:
Then try Callandor's suggestion...could just be a bad drive
make sure you download the firmware update for the DVR107/A07 from pioneer's website. they also have a firmware checking util which will tell you whether or not you need to flash upgrade the firmware.  i remember a blurb about the A07 on their website.  check into it.

also, i recommend setting DVD burner to slave (don't use cable select, set the jumper to slave and put the DVD-Rw drive in the middle connector of the IDE cable).

I hope this helps.


also install ASPI layer (neroaspi.dll - free download)  and try Alcohol 120% for all your optical needs.

BlennylipsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll check the firmware version.

khennsu, I have two DVD burners (103 & 107), how do you suggest I configure these?

I may be on the track of a solution...out-dated software.  I downloaded a trial of the latest PrimiDVD and it plays previously burned DVDs (on the 103) on both units-without having to use the region-free software.

I've just downloaded a trial of CyberLink's Power2Go burning software and will try it out and let you know.

BlennylipsAuthor Commented:
Okay, problems seem to be solved, I'd say its due to my using outdated software.

PowerDVD 5 plays everything okay.
I can burn using Power2GO burns and I can play it on the TV top player.

One more question before I close this out...

What is a good, reliable, _simple_ DVD burning package?  Power2Go (and Alcohol as well) seem to do way more than I need.  I use DVDLab to create the AUIDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories, and now all I need is some way to burn it.

The burner that comes with DVDLab had trouble wirtting to the older Pioneer 103, I'm trying it on the 107 now...DVDLab's burning seems to work with the new Pioneer drive.

Thanks all
I use Nero for all my DVD Burning..
It sounds like you're on the right track. =^D

Some suggestions:

First, download this"

This is the firmware upgrade for the 107.

Next, for making backups of CSS-Protected DVDs, try DVD Region-Free (if you have not already).

But to answer your question:
Put the A07/107 on Secondary Master (jumper set to Master - not cable select - and placed at the end of the IDE cable).

Put the A03/103 on Secondary Slave (jumper set to Slave, connected to the middle of the IDE cable)

In device manager, make sure Secondary IDE channel has both device 0 and device 1 set to DMA if possible (should both run in UDMA Mode 2.

I hope this assists you, though it sounds like you have your situation well in hand. :-D

oh, just saw your last post.

Alcohol 120% is superior, but for css-protected DVDs, use DVD Region Free, and check out its companion app., DVDIdle.

Have Fun!

And shoot, disregard previous link! this is the right link to your firmware
BlennylipsAuthor Commented:
Khennsu,  I downloaded the chkrw.exe utility from a site and it reports:

Current Revision : 2.00
Release Date : 02/12/12  
Model : Pioneer or Generic 3rd party model
Serial Number : AKDC094625WL    

This firmware is already latest version.
This firmware does not need to be updated.

Current Revision : 1.10
Release Date : 04/02/06  
Model : Not pioneer model. (OEM products)

This firmware is already latest version.
This firmware does not need to be updated.

So, the pioneer site warns that the firmware updates are not for the OEM versions.

Googling around, I find

Does this appear to be the correct firmware upgrade?

Device Manager for the secondary IDE channel shows

Device 0: DMA if available: Ultra DMA Mode 2
Device 1: DMA if available: Multi-Word DMA Mode 2

As I said, I'm not interested in copying any DVD's...just want to write the AUDI0_TS and VIDEO_TS directories output by DVDLab.

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