JSK KeyStore instantiation error

So here is my problem:

I try to create an SSLServerSocket using the function described below. It works perfectly under Windows (with NetBeans), but when I try to run it under Linux (it compiles, only doesn't run) I get
a java.security.KeyStoreException with the message: "JKS".

So I guess it must be having difficulties with instantiating the JKS KeyStore object, but I've got no idea why.
The jsse.jar is in my classpath and the key file is in the right place and accessible (it fails before even accessing it).

public SSLServerSocket getServer() throws Exception {

      KeyStore ks = KeyStore.getInstance("JKS");   // This line fails !

      ks.load(new FileInputStream(keystore), keystorepass);
      KeyManagerFactory kmf = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance("SunX509");
      kmf.init(ks, keypassword);
      SSLContext sslcontext = SSLContext.getInstance("SSLv3");
      sslcontext.init(kmf.getKeyManagers(), null, null);
      SSLServerSocketFactory ssf = sslcontext.getServerSocketFactory();
      SSLServerSocket serversocket = (SSLServerSocket) ssf.createServerSocket(2000);
      return serversocket;

Thanks for reading my problem and thinking about the solution!
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girionisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is working fine here on RedHat Linux 9.0 with jdk 1.4.1_05. I added a System.out.println() statement:

SSLServerSocket sslserver = getServer();
System.out.println("after getServer() is called...");

and I can see the message on the screen:

/home/panos/EE/JKS$ java Main
after getServer() is called...

which means that the call to the method getServer() is successfull.

Can you try to re-install your java? It could be a problem during installation.
Sounds like you don't have a JKS implementation available on your linux box.
At first objects' suggestion seems right but can you post the exact error and the line it occurs?
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jimnelson34Author Commented:
objects: How can I install a JKS implementation on my Linux?
jimnelson34Author Commented:
girionis: The error (java.security.KeyStoreException) occurs at the line marked in the above code.
I read the page you posted and it says that Sun JAVA has a built-in default implementation which implements a keystore as a file, so it should be working. Do I have to include any other .jar file in my classpath?
It's only a small test application for a bigger project so currently I'm only including "jsse.jar" in my classpath.

I also looked inside the jsse.jar file and the "javax/security" subdir contains no files, only 1 subdirectory named "cert" which contains 8 classes. Is it normal?
It might explain the missing implementation. If thats the problem, how can I fix it?

Meanwhile I checked my Windows version of JAVA and the situation inside "jsse.jar" is identical so its a lot more confusing to me now...
You shouldn't need anything else, all classes you need are part of the jdk already. Can you post the *exact* error message?

Also what happens if you replace the failing line with the following:

KeyStore ks = KeyStore.getInstance(KeyStore.getDefaultType());
jimnelson34Author Commented:
KeyStore.getDefaultType() returns "jks" so its the same situation.
The getMessage() method of the throwed KeyStoreException returns just this: "JKS". Its not too informative.
Are you using the same version of java on both windows and linux?
jimnelson34Author Commented:
I use jdk 1.4.2 on both systems.
I'm putting the source code on my webserver so you may try running it: http://www.wedgesystems.hu/nstest/
Tell me if it runs please!
jimnelson34Author Commented:
I've installed a new Linux to my home computer and I was able to compile and run the code without difficulties. Girionis was right that the problem is with my JAVA installation, and because he was extreamly helpful and fast, I'm giving all points to him.
Thanks for your help!
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