The best tools to surf anonymously

What's the best tools to surf anonymously ? Software / Proxy / From specific url ?
Give me your recommendation.

And to make things clear, is this the one I should use so the visited website would not know my IP address ?
(Considering I got static IP)

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There is no such thing as anonymous surfing, that is the honest answer.
try using a program called admuncher, it also blocks ads, banners and popups, and also has a function of "scramble IP", it masks your IP behind other IP's, and affects your surfing speed minimaly.
very recommended software (if only for removing the annoyind ads, but also for your IP solution).
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I have been using for some time.  It works very well, and they have a large server group, so I can get 300K/sec even when tunneling through the proxy.  The biggest drawback of the free ones is that they tend to be slow, especially when downloading rather than just surfing.

I paid $99 for the year for , which includes software through which you can tunnel just about anything - mail, http, irc, aim, etc.

$9/month is totally worth it.  I spend more than that on lunch some days.

esmogen - why is there no such thing as anonymous surfing ?  The proxy protects your IP address - the sites will see 168.* in anonymizer's case.  The data is also sent through SSL, preventing ISPs from seeing it.

You might fool the sites, but not Big Brother or hardcore snoops. It's ok for daily use but if something is after you, it won't stand.
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
Hmm none will work for my static ip -.-
I've tried Steganos Anonym too but it won't work
Well I can live with this :)
>> You might fool the sites, but not Big Brother or hardcore snoops. It's ok for daily use but if something is after you, it won't stand.

I think the interested party would have to subpoena for the information.  SSL is not a simple thing to break.

Proxify is a very strong anonymous proxy:

It has many features that other proxies do not.
 May I ask/add a comparative question here?
      How does GhostSurf compare in the 'phantom surfing' ranks - I started using Anonymiser a year ago and it slowed me down so much I stopped using it - (i'm on dial-up)
      GhostSurf seems to work fine - just wanted to her some other user's comparative opinions
  Thanks - gmd
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
You might want to test it with different IP lookup server such as
It still can show my real IP although others mostly can't
I'm trying Complete Anonymous Web Surfing program at the moment :)
I'll try that GhostSurf sometimes
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