why my image files can't be opened in certain computer ?

Ok I got this strange problem.

After I got back my files using GetDataBack for NTFS.
I then format the HDD using FAT32.
Then I put back the files into it (before, I copied all the files into my master HDD - NTFS)

After a while, I just realize that some of the files is corrupted (image files)
It got correct size (not 0 kb) but it can't displayed using any image viewer I have (windows picture and fax viewer, acdsee classic, acdsee 6.0).
Ok, I thought. Maybe it's corrupted because before I get the data back using GetDataBack software, I accidentaly write 5-10 files into the HDD.
But the strange thing is, I copied these files to my friends HDD (NTFS).
And he said that he could open it with his old computer, but not his new one (he got 2 desktop comps at home)

The question is: How could this happening ? And is there any way to fix this files ? (it's mostly jpg / png files)
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nomi17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
After reading the following article:

it looks like your problem might stem from the fact that the original HDD was NTFS and you are trying to restore your files to a FAT32 HDD.  

worth checking out...
Have you tried with IrfanView?
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AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
same thing
my friend opened it using windows picture and fax viewer though.
strange eh ? :)
Why did you format the disk to fat32, why not ntfs (more secure)
ur friend can open the pics in his old system,,,,, so ask him to use ACDSee and convert them to another picture format,,,, like if they are jpegs, then convert them to bmps, and if they are bmps, then convert them to jpegs !!!!!

then copy the converted files to his new or ur system to check if u can access the New converted files or not ??
This may seem like an odd thing to try, but it has worked for me in the past.

Try deleting the file extension (ie. .jpg, .png).  You will receive a warning but say ok.
Then rename the file back with the same extension again and try to open it.

Can't guarantee it will work for everyone, but it has worked for me!

AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
I had a nasty problem with NTFS before. :) And did you see problems in Storage area ? Most of it is NTFS problems :D

SheharyaarSaahil  : I'll try it
nomi17 : not working :)

ravisimpi  : i think he got similar problem with me, but there's no exact answer. And from the link for jpeg file utility.
Unfortunately the file is not there anymore. (http://www.brothersoft.com/Utilities_Anti_Virus_madhu_viral_repair_8406.html)

Do you guys know any other utility I should try ?
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
The source data format is not recognised.
That's the error massage when I tried to convert my file into bmp or any other format using AcdSee convert file utility.
jvuzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your friend's computers, are they all NTFS?
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
his HDD which the files on is NTFS
his primary HDD on new comp is NTFS
I don't know about the old one. I think it's NTFS, because it's was belong to her sister. And her sister usually format her HDD using NTFS. I'll ask him tomorrow :)
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
Hmm what I did is restore the files to my primary HDD then after format the problematic HDD with FAT32, I transfer all the files there.
If that's the matter, how my friend could open the files with different comps ?
I'm really curious about that.
as jvuz asked b4, are all your friends pc's NTFS?
ravisimpiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
May be the files when on NTFS had some file attributes which the FAT32 wont support. Coz NTFS gives more flexibility for the Usease of files. Check for the file attributes. May be your friend opened in a NTFS Volume.
Why not copy the files from your computer as well as your friend's computer and use a totally different computer and check wether the files opens.?
Sohel RanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you have cute ftp then open it and then from the left hand side choose the folder or image files. Then change the image file name with extension (to jpg). Let's see whether it works or not. Once I face this problem and it works for me.

You can download the cute ftp from here :


AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
rsdn : nope, not working

ravisimpi: my primary hdd is ntfs :) and it's also not showing there.

nomi17 : haven't check it yet. haven't see him since last week

i'll get back here after i know :)
gecko_au2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
why dont you get your friend to save the jpeg or what ever extension the image file is to a bitmap and send that to you and you can convert them back, if that does not work, why dont you get partition magic 8 and partition your hard drive and have an NTFS partition and try and open your images on that partition.

Other then that I cant think of anything else off of the top of my head.

If you manage to come up with another solution that works, can you please post it in here and let me know!!

thank you !!
proximity_factorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One alternate solution: drag the picture files into your web browser.  A web browser like IE/netscape/mozilla is great at opening and showing corrupted image files - a client of mine just sent me a whole CD of corrupted image files.

If you can get them open in your web browser, you can use your print screen button, and paste it into an image editor (adobe photoshop, pant shop pro, etc).

This is a big hastle solution, but it did work for me.  Good luck!
why bother with print screen cos if you can open them in a web browser just right click it and go to save target as or save image depening on which web browser you are using then rename it and save it some where else. The only reason I would use print screen for that is if what I suggested does not work. I normally only use print screen as a last resort. In that case I would use a program called hypersnap dx and you can find serial keys and cracks on google for it.
gecko - if you right click to save at that point,  you're still saving the corrupted image file.  Thats why a screen shot is necessary.
AshuraKnightAuthor Commented:
using web browser : error message -- > cannot be displayed, because it contains error :)

sigh.. i wonder if my friend bs ing me or something -.-
MUST go to his place next week !
yup but if the web browser can display it without errors which it can not anyway then it would re write the file.
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