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OK, I have GroupWise WebAccess up and running on my NW6-SP4 box and I can see it from the outside world.  Now, I need Apache to listen to port 443 and I can't get it to do so.

My Apache/conf/adminserv.conf file has the following:
# Start Apache Services Port Configuration
Port 80

<IfModule mod_tls.c>
    SecureListen "SSL CertificateDNS"
# End Apache Services Port Configuration

However, when Apache loads on the server it says:
Apache/1.3.29 (NETWARE) mod_jk/1.2.5 running...
   Listening on port(s): 80
   Loaded dynamic module mod_jk.c

I'm sure this is a simple fix, but I am new to using Novell for web services and am learning all I can.  Any help would be appreciated!
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Just read the Novell TID:

"Changed CertificateDNS to CertificateIP in APACHE\CONF\Adminserv.conf and restarted APCHE and WebAccess agent"
Did you create the certificate?  Is PKIS running?
Do you have Port 443 open to the server?
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ShapiroSherAuthor Commented:
To your second question, yes.  I learned the hard way with the whole port 80 issue.

No, I didn't create a certificate.  And, at the risk of sounding totally stupid, what is PKIS?  Should it be running?
he may not have a CA installed in his tree the server can access - and when NW65 was installed, Apache couldn't initialize properly...
That would be my guess, too.

ShapiroSher, look at

That's the section of the NetWare v6.0 manual on the Certificate Server. You need to have a CA serving your certificates for SSL to work.
BTW, you may have noted that GroupWise does not have its own TA under the E-Mail heading. If you'd like to help change this, then a nice (free) message in the New Topics request area would be helpful.
recommend accept jwiersma {http:12112487}
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