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Need help!
I am experiencing error on accessing Public Folder in ESM.  Each time I browse to the Public Folder in ESM, it pop up this error message.

"The object is no longer available.  Press F5 to refresh the display, and then try again."
"ID no: 80040e19"
"Exchange System Manager"

Same error message when i try to open the Foler Properties of items in Public Folder Instances locating in my First Storage.

Not sure whether it is related.  Previously, I was mistakenly making Everyone to be Denied to read the Global Address List.  I got my anwser on EE.

I also ran the IIS Lockdown utilities before.  Every search that I have done online seems pointing my error to the IIS lockdown tool.  However, nothing seems to help.  

I suspect it to be permission related problem.  However, I cannot find anything wrong with the permission.  Currently, I can see the Public Folder in Outlook.  I can add folder in Public Folder.  However, I cannot do any deletion.  Security setting of Public Folders in Outlook is Custom.  (Normal?)  I have tried many places, but nothing seems to help.  Need more suggestions from you.  Please help.


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I would create a second folder with less permissions. Copy the data to that folder. Once you setup replicas (if any) and they are replicated I would remove the old folder and rename this new "restored" folder to original name. You may have simply locked yourself out of your own folders.

lmklamAuthor Commented:
i did try the 1st and 3rd links that you provided.  Did not seem to help.  After reviewing the 2nd link, I am thinking it may have things to do with my current IIS Exadmin setting.  The local path of Exadmin is pointing to "\\.\BackOfficeStorage" which does not seem to exist.  Do you know the proper location for the local path?

I have even tried unmount the public folders and recreate a new copy.  Problem's still there after a new copy of public folders was created.  I do not think it is related to the data itself.


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lmklamAuthor Commented:
I have followed this link to recreate Exadmin.  Does not seem to help.

Still cannot get to the path \\.\BackOfficeStorage.  Any idea?

lmklamAuthor Commented:
Wait.  In fact, it is working.  Now I can see the items in the Public Folders.  Seems that the problem is solved, but can anyone tell me what is \\.\BackOfficeStorage?  why it says that the path is not right?  I know it is from the LDAP, but how it work actually?   Thanks!

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