Scheduled Agents will not run

Hi Guys

I have a db where the scheduled agents will not run

I have tested the agents manually and they work
I resigned the agents with different id's including the server and they did not run
I recreated the agents
I shut down and then re started agent manager

This is in our test environment, which runs agent in other db's no problem

Any ideas


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qwaleteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, even saving a previously-run old agent will cuase the agent to say it has never been run.

You should gain some familiarity with the TELL AMGR SCHEDULE and TELL AMGR STATUS console commands.  Also, take a look at Julie Kadashevic's articles on (I believe they also appear in e-Pro, SearchDomino, and The View).
Check your log.nsf for any error msgs posted by the agent...Also you can check the agent log by right clicking on the agent and selecting log

If you have used any UI functions are accessing some protected objects that error is recorded in the log

imjameswAuthor Commented:
That the thing .there are no messages in the notes log
When I select the Agent log it says it has never been run, which is correct as it is a new agent replacing the original

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Make sure it is enabled to run and the server is correct server (Check the schedule property) and the time is right !
imjameswAuthor Commented:
WHile thes are all good suggestions

I have done them all several times now

When I tell amgr schedule or tell amgr status the agent is not showing up
I modified the scheduled time several times within the agent
I enabled disabled the agent
I shut down amgr and the restarted
The server part ? Did you set it right ?
imjameswAuthor Commented:
I just ran tell amgr debug
It picked up the agent and it ran on schedule

Also on the same server we just changed the time of scheduled agent in a different db and it ran no problem

There is something about this db I am thinking
how frequent this agent is run.. And what does AMGR Schedule command says for this agent ?
most of the script or formula needs default view.. make sure you have defined one for this db
imjameswAuthor Commented:
Amgr Schedule now shows the agent info
I had to run Tell Amgr debug *
Then everything worked


There is a default view
Probably it needed a kick in the b..
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