Best book on windows forms

Can anyone recommend their favorite book on programming windows forms?  I'm specifically looking for good examples of multi-threading and overall design.  I'm hacking away at it right now, and think I need some more formal training.

Or if there is any comprehensive examples online that I could look into (besides the safe multithreaded series I-III)

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
I would look at design patterns ... there are a ton of threading patterns and the great thing is that things like locking are language independant :)
the above mentioned book is decent, but I didn't find it totally useful.  its pretty basic, and if you have been working with them for a while, you may not find it all that useful.
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NTACAuthor Commented:
I might go browse it at the bookstore to see what it offers.  Like I have said--I've been able to do the things I want with windows forms, but I am always wondering "Am I doing it the most efficient way?".  I have found a few things that I have been doing in a round about way that are already included in the .net library--so I kind of want a overview that I can read and say "Oh neat, didn't know that was there".  Plus the threading is needed.

Thanks everyone
NTAC, the threading is actually good in the book i said wasn't too advanced.  
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