How to get Wireless Users to sign on through a web-page

I want to provide a Wireless network to a number of users.

However, I want to simulate the type of network that you get in some hotels.

That is, when the user initially connects to the wireless network - they won't obtain access to the Internet without first going through a redirected web-site that has the user enter a code (or something similar - maybe just hitting an "I agree" button).

I've seen this on various wireless and wired networks in many hotels - where you don't actually get access to the internet unless you click on the "I Agree" button on a website that you were redirected to as soon as you opened your web-browser.  

I'd like to understand exactly how this is done - and what software is required to make this possible.  

Lots of points available to the correct answer !
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meverestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you did not stipulate 'free' in your question, you said that you want to know what software is required.

if you want 'free' then have a look at nocatnet/nocatsplash

that will do a similar job as the others, but you will need some grounding in linux to get it up and running.  personally, the minimal effort required to get the mikrotik running (stick in the cd, choose the modules, deploy) is worth every cent in time savings.  if you count your own time to install config and manage, nocat may be cheaper to buy, but could cost more in the long run.

there's no such thing as 'free' software ;-)

take a look at mikrotik router hostpot solution.

it can be mode to do all that stuff.

oh, - download a 24 hour eval copy (actually it seems to last for more like 36 hours)

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This is a very good solution have a look
altquarkAuthor Commented:
Everyone so far is publishing commercial solutions here.  I'd like to know what SOFTWARE solutions could be available, ie using FreeBSD IPFW or IPChain or some sort of configuration to do this.

Just recommending a hardware product is NOT going to get you 500 points on this question !
nocat auth is a great app.. we are currently using it here at work.
my suggestion:

split points b/w meverest, snoopy13, hazmatt81 - all valid responses.

altquarkAuthor Commented:
Meverest provided the most ideal answer to this - I apologize for not updating this recently (the spam filter was filtering expert-exchange emails !)

I am investigating the use of Nocat (actually - its located at - and working out the best methodology for implementation.

Therefore, meverest will get the majority of the points for his recommendation - I apologize to all the other responses not receiving points, but I was trying to gain an understanding of HOW this was done, and a commercial product doesn't really answer the question.  At least with the source code for nocat - I can see HOW they are partitioning the DNS !

Thankyou everyone...
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