Disable Automatic Update for my domain - Windows 2003

Can anyone tell me step by step how to disable automatic update for my Windows 2003 domain thru group policy?
Thank you!
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youre1mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Assuming you are using Windows XP for clients as I don't think the GPO works for Win2k machines then here goes:

Remember this will disable for the entire domain, you could apply this to individual OU's for more flexibility.

Right click domain name in AD users and computers. Properties, Group policy, edit default domain policy.

Computer configuration, admin templates, Windows components, windows update, configure automatic updates, disable.

This will apply to all XP and 2003 machines. Remeber you will need to run gpupdate /force to reapply the GPO's to the machines, better still is to run it and restart, ensure you have replicated your domain first if using more than one DC too.

tadduciAuthor Commented:
gotcha.. im going to try it now... I have all xp clients.
FYI,, it would work for 2000 also,, XP and 2000 are basically the same,, just look at their version numbers,, 2000 is 5.0 and XP is 5.1  ie,, not even a different operating system.  Just a different version.
tadduciAuthor Commented:
Ok that worked on Windows 2003... how about on Windows 2000... I dont see those options there in the group policy editor...
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