user Account problems with Windows 2000 server domain

  I have a user(Win xp) that was able to login into our office domain (eg. OFFICE1) on a Windows 200 server. Now the user went a different office with the same domain and was able to login there using the orginal account. However, when he cam back to the first office and loged in, all his previous settings were gone. How do I fix this?
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infotraderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you explain what settings were gone?  More details would be helpful.  Thx.

- Info
BrijBhasinAuthor Commented:
Desktop settings, documents folder etc. It seems like a different account altogether even though he is using the original username and password.
BrijBhasinAuthor Commented:
I want to delete this question as I figured out the answer myself.
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