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Internet Explorer crashes at launch; won't run after adding a plug in.


I was recently working on a client's windows 98 PC with IE6 on it.  I went to the Symantec site to show her some options on AntiVirus software and the browser promtped me to allow a plugin which I believe was something for Flash.  Assuming all was okay with this, I clicked yes.  Immediately after this the browser crashed and wanted to send Bill an error report.  Now, no matter what I do, the browser crashes on launch.  At the time this first occurred I had an independent session open in another browser window (which didn't crash because it was a second instance of the app previously running) and the browser was already on the windows web site ready to download updates.  I went ahead and downloaded the updates to make sure she was completely up to date with OS and IE patches and I hoped that would correct any problematic files in IE.  Sadly, even after reboot, the condition still exists with IE crashing every time we try to launch it.  To get her out on the internet while I try to hunt down a cure, I installed Netscape 7.1 (I carry the CD with me -- you just never know).  Anyone have any ideas what to do?  It's not like I can uninstall IE seeing as Bill has so thoughtfully made it an integral part of the OS.  

She runs QuickBooks 2004 and QB is reliant on IE to get its updates and send email invoices to clients.  So leaving her permanently on another browser -- no matter how enticing the prospect of it might be -- is *not* an option.

Thanks in advance.
2 Solutions
if IE6 as installled then

IE6 , go to add/remove programs , and either downgrade the version back to IE5 , wich can
repair the problem , then reinstall IE6.

or try a direct repair from add/remove programs when it asks you what you want to do.

if you want to download IE6 for installations like you mention with out doing a windows update
do this

please keep in mind when download it will ask which version you want to intall , you ask
for win98
Try the add/remove programs and select remove for the internet explorer 6, the uninstaller has a repair option.

If that don't work do this trick, and before going to the client prepare yourself a IE6 cd so you can install it anywhere offline without having to download it, I'm sure you'll carry this one right next to your netscape cd from now on eh).
don't forget to backup the favorites just in case
1. Create a folder C:\IE6
2. Download IE6setup.exe file to C:\IE6
when download finishes continue
3. goto Start - Run and type this command with quotes "C:\ie6\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"
4. This launches the install wizard in a mode that will allow you to download the install files for offline installations, choose the OS's you want (for the cd might as well do them all)
5. When this is done downloading, your ready to burn the folder C:\IE6 to a cd
6. ie6setup.exe in the IE6 folder will now handle installing for the OS's you chose to download the offline install files for.

if it fails to reinstall, I've seen reviews to try this software at http://www.litepc.com/ieradicator.html to remove IE6, then do the ie6 install after trying that.

Hope this helps you out
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roseanneAuthor Commented:
I'll be on client site on Tuesday.  I did find a possible (and much easier sounding) solution on Annoyances.org which involves replacing msvcrt.dll.  Apparently there may be a known issue with the flash plugin causing a problem somehow related to that dll.  I'll report back what works no matter what the case.
dont go with out burning IE6 for win98 to take with you , it will save you a trip

Hi roseanne :-),
Since this question is starting to get old could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See:  http://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hi51 Thank you, turn123 (s)
roseanneAuthor Commented:
Actually, your timing is impeccable -- I was planning to post an update today since if I were one of the people making the suggestions I would want to know the status as well.

The client postponed our scheduled appointment due to illness (one person shop and she is currently immobile under doctor's order).  We are hoping she will be on the mend enough to be back to work in about a week.  With it being a back injury, she can't sit in front of her PC at all anyway, so IE not working at the moment isn't a high priority for her (and well it shouldn't be).  I promise I will keep you posted as soon as I am able to lay hands on her machine and try some fixes.

Next post in 7 days with an update on status.
roseanneAuthor Commented:
status update:
Calling client on Monday to hopefully schedule some time with her this week.  I'll keep ya posted.
roseanneAuthor Commented:
Okay, so I finally was able to get back to the client site and what I ended up doing was swapping out the DLL (msvcrt.dll in c:\windows\system).  I copied the dll off of a windows 98 PC I have at home and dropped it onto a location on the web where I could grab it via Netscape (I could have also put it on a floppy).  At the client site I downloaded the file and dropped it in the root of C (so I could find it easier later).  I then booted to command prompt only, renamed the old DLL to msvcrt.old, copied the new dll into the c:\windows\system directory, and rebooted.  Voila!

Thanks to magus123 and scorpi073 for the good advice as well which, if this hadn't worked, I would have been using for sure!

Now I get to figure out how to split points and close this question.  :-D
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