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problem with transparency


I have a couple of .png files with transparent background I want to resize and save as .gif for my website. And it has been working until now. I've tried with both PhotoShop 7 and Fireworks but both program save a .gif file without transparent background.

It's the same if I view the files on my website or preview them in windows, there is no transparent background, it's only a white background. So I might think it's a setting in Windows because none program can view them correct.

This is very annoying because it worked great for a while ago. I hope any expert can help me soon.

3 Solutions
It's probably that when you saved it from photoshop, you didn't select to use a transparent background.
calkeAuthor Commented:
No, I checked the transparent box when I save it. It's some kind of general setting. If I create a new .gif image from scratch with transparent background and with some text, the background will become white. I think it's the same for the .png files. It's like the transparent global setting has been disabled.
There is no transparent global setting. Youre aware that IE for windows doesnt play nice with transparent PNGs right? And a transparent gif viewed on a white background will look like it has a white background, not transparent.
is your lowest layer still a background layer ?

ie is the lowest layer named "layer 1" or "background" ?

If its still "background" then you need to turn it into a normal layer for it to be transparent.
better than that: when you go to save as a .gif with transparency, select Save for Web... (ALT + SHIFT + CTRL + S in Windows).  if you've never used this before, it's fairly simple:

-grab the eyedropper tool on the left hand side of the "Save for Web..." pop-up window
-click the color you wish to be transparent (if you have a white background in the image, click the white background)
-on the right hand side of the pop-up, you'll see a "table" containing all the colors in the image.  at the bottom of this table are a few icons.  the second icon from the left (looks like a little transparency grid) will map the color you just chose as transparent.
-above the color table is the save settings (including whether it's png, gif, jpg, etc, etc).  tweak these to your liking and click save (top right hand corner of the window)
-a dialog box will come up asking where you would like to save to (typical windows save as... standard fare)

it's a little more complex than simply checkmarking the transparency box on a standard save as..., but you have much more control over your transparency and other web effects, plus you can preview it before you waste valuable time getting it into a web page only to have it not look quite right.

hope that helps.
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