Discovering Unkown IP address for a Device


i have some hardware for work connected to our network but don't know the IP address, which is a problem because i am attempting to ftp onto device to drop a file on it. i do have the "Ethernet Address" which is in this form : ##-##-##-##-##-##. i'm operating under the assumption that is the MAC address for the device.

i'm doing all of this from WinXP and need to get a way to grab the ip address for the device off the network so that i can then get in and drop the file onto it.
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MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
download,install and run Look@Lan it will tell you the IP of every device on the network.
the URl to the d/l is
Try running
arp -a
 from your cmd prompt
that will give you your arp cache you should be able to pick the ip from that.
and if that doesn't help, first ping the broadcast address of your subnet (example for a network w/ a subnet mask) first or do anything else you can to get a responce from the device (print to it if it is a working printer, etc) THEN run arp -a.  I'm not sure about XP's default, but most *nix variants cache arp's for about 3 minutes so you have to have some kind of chatter from the device in question (hopefully it responds to a ping, most do and pinging the subnet broadcast ip will take care of that).
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is some great freeware you can do a port scan and it will also show both the hardware address (MAC) and the IP

Let me know how you get on.

hey, cool ynaught!  That can come in handy for those devices sitting idle that don't reply to pings!  Thanks!  Too bad I can't shoot ya some points since this wan't my question :).
I agree, very  handy tool!  thanks :)

Thanks guys no problems..
If you know  the MAC address, here is a tool using which you can find its IP address. 
AlexSilvermanAuthor Commented:
I'm sure many of the responses would have worked fine, but just went with that one out of ease... and it was one of the first that I read. Thanks a lot everyone.

ps - that is a neat piece of software.
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