Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access (PORTS)

I currently have Exchange 2003 Outlook Web Access running and working with SSL.
And like any person who out there with a server that’s working I must find a way to break it, just kidding, or am I?

Outlook Web Access runs on port 80 and 443 for SSL.
I would like to now change this.  So I am going to keep it simple.

Can I just go into IIS manger and change the Port 80 to something other, such as port 6060.

Or does this now involve something more complex.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Shouting will not help.
OWA is a complex application and has been designed to run and communicate on port 80 and 443 ONLY. No other configuration is supported.
If you have changed the ports back to port 80 and 443 and it still isn't working then you need to make that clear.

You would probably need to also configure your router or firewall to pass port 80 traffic to the new port since web browsers will be trying to talk on that port, assuming its behind the router. Not sure if you add could add :6060 to the URL instead.
weguardyouAuthor Commented:
i was thinking that they could goto the site by just typing:
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Yes, that should be fine.  Make sure your firewall allows traffic on that port.

Luckily it something you should be able to change, test quickly, and change back if something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

That will almost certainly break OWA. I have had nothing but problems when trying to change the port OWA uses.
I would just shut off port 80 and leave 443 only open. The SSL will do what is required. Plus by using standard ports you can guarantee that the ports will not be blocked.  

weguardyouAuthor Commented:
I changed my ports and OWA no longer worked.
No Firewall... All internal testing.
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