Default 'open'/'save' path?

Any way to change this?
I store code under C:\data\vb6\projectname
Anyway to get it to look in vb6's folder instead of
C:\program files\visual studio\vb98

Not only when I open a project, but add a module or the like...
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Am I correct: You want to change the default directory in the "Existing" tab when you start VB?

To do this, change the shortcut you are using in order to launch Visual Basic:

The "Target" field should be:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\VB6.EXE"
(with the quotes)

and the "Start in" field should be whatever you want the default directory to be, for example:
(also with quotes)

If you open yor project with a double-click on vbp (or vbg) file
the project path will become the default path
Set up a shortcut to each vbp file.
Make sure the start directory in the short cut is set to C:\data\vb6\projectname

You can then put these shortcuts on your desktop or anywhere else you feel like putting them to launch your vbp project.
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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
So, no way to change this, eh? :)
I know I can create shortcuts - but that doesn't necessarily help me, unless I drop the shortcuts in vb98's folder...

And I know that I can double-click the vbp and it will become the default path for that session - but I'm looking for a way to change this for future sessions as well...
The only way I can see to make things easier is by clicking on the 'Recent' Tab when you open a project. Or 'Existing' when you run VB.

Though it would be a problem if you hadn't already opened that project under the same user on the same machine.
You don't need to have the shortcuts in the vb98 directory you can put them anywhere!

In the shortcut:
Just point the Target to to the vbp e.g. "D:\Projects\ProjectX\myProject.vbp"
And the start in directory to the directory with the vpb in it e.g "D:\Projects\ProjectX"
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
Hmm - that works nice for file/open - I'll test it for adding forms/modules, but it doesn't sound like I can get any closer to what I've asked....thanx!
Ok, glad I could help. Unfortunately, the Visual Basic IDE is very limited in certain regards...

Thanks for the points :-)

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