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I have two machines, a new IBM Thinkpad with a Matshita CD-RW and an old 333 Gateway with a Matsumi CD-Rom using a 1999 MS Driver. The 1999 CD-ROM will not read diskS created by the CD-RW. I'm using standard Imiation CD-R disks.  Is age the factor here? Software (I use both XP PRO copy and the simple RecordNow utility that came with the IBM). Thanks.

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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Personally, I am a huge advocate of Nero. You said the program has bloat? I know it has the ability to burn jsut about every kind of disc you can image from a music cd to a dvd movie...and in Nero I can control what speed it burns at.
Alternatively, I know that most people that don't like Nero, DO like Easy Media Creator...though I'd hate to see you spend money on a burning program you might not like...especially when you already have Nero that can do this type of thing.

CD Burner XP is freeware... ... and If i remember right, it supports controlled burning speeds...

if you want to give Nero another can get a demo of the newest ultra version here...
I have personally experienced this with an old Pentium 233. I have CD-R's I was making on my 52x burner that couldn't be read on the older machine.
You could try burning the disc at a slower 8x or below.

My personal solution however, was to try a few different brands of disc. I bought 3 or 4 different brands...and the cheapest ones ended up working perfectly. They were PNY Branded if I remember right...picked em up at Best Buy. So try a slow burn...if that doesn't work give a different brand a shot...
normanmlAuthor Commented:

You can't control burn speed with the stripped down version of RecondNow or with WIN XP's native copy fuction. I bought Nero last year but the bloat was incredible. What do you use to control burn speed? Is there a simple, reliable program, one that one much up the system. Someone recommeded Alcohol 120, but reviews I've read spell trouble.


normanmlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
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