No video Signal, but AGP Video card works in other conputers

Sys info:
 homebuilt PC
Mobo: Gigabyte P4 Titan; Procsr: 2.8GHz P4 Pent.; OS=XP Pro w/all updates; Pwr sply = 400 watts-working fine; CPU fans [3 tot.]--working; onbrd LAN; HDD [Maxtor, 40GB].
Video: RAEDON 7000 [64MB OBmem]; NO ONBOARD VIDEO--so no video CMOS video settings in CMOS.

Scenario: 4 mo. old MoBo malfunctioned; sent back to Japan for warranty repair; received back today. Re-installed MoBo w/512MB RAM [1 stick]; hard drive; original monitor connected to it prior to repair. On boot up: "NO SIGNAL" appears on screen w/ normal colors in background, as if no monitor is connected at all, to MoBo.

Troubleshooting tried [usuccessfully]: System boot SOUNDS FINE, but:
1. Checked Mobo; monitor; hard drive; memory stick; power cable conections--all good; Rebooted--"NO SIGNAL" appears; post boot-beep heard.
2. Removed AGP video card; tested in another system w/monitor of repaired system AND a second monitor--works fine.
3. Checked AGP card for defects; dirt, etc--nothing found; Blew out AGP card slot in repaired sys.; reseated AGP card; booted system--"NO SIGNAL" appears still, w/colors on screen, in background.
4. Ruled out memory card problem, since works in other system and w/mul;tiple monitors.
5. Tested 2 monitors plugged in AGP card, on repaired MoBo system--"NO SIGNAL" appears with either connected.
6. Reset CMOS on repaired Mobo--no change; same result.
7. Tested power supply from repaired MoBo system, in another system--works fine.
8. Turning to you guys and ladies now, for help...Pretty Stuck, now.

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Jeff RodgersNetworks & Communications Systems ManagerCommented:
hmmm... wlennon... he doesn't have video... could be hard to follow your directions...
You said you reset the CMOS on the new repaired did you do that if you could get no video? Did you just use the physical jumper on the board?
Since the board 'died' on you, I'm assuming you still have the OS installed on the hard drive...when you boot the system and get a 'no signal' message, do you see hard drive activity, as if the OS is booting? Or do you hear the single POST beep and then nothing happens? All the lights and fans are running when you power up, right?
Some of the things that could be causing your system not to boot up (blank video screen):
- motherboard shorting on case
- CMOS jumper set to CLEAR, instead of NORMAL position
- bad connections
- bad cpu
- bad motherboard

Take the motherboard out of the case, because it may be shorting.  Make sure the the 4-wire square power connecter is attached.  

Did you try a PCI video card, on the off chance the AGP slot isn't working?  What needed to be repaired, when you sent it back?  Some history might help solve the problem.
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Definatly send it back ,to me it sounds as if they had not fixed it correctly. (If I understand correctly)

1) Your video card was tested in another PC and works fine.
2) Monitor was tested on another PC and works fine. (On same card that works fine in another PC)
3) You hear the Post boot process complete with the beep.

Jeff RodgersNetworks & Communications Systems ManagerCommented:
Can you try a different video card in the system? If you have a different card that you know works try it on the system in question.  If that card doesn't work then you know it is something to do with the MOBO because you have tried 2 monitors which you know both work, you have tried 2 video cards that you know both work.

I am assuming you are using the same Video card from before it was fixed and that the card works fine in other PCs and worked fine before on this one?  Because if it never worked on your board... check to see that the board is compatible with the card (some newer boards aren't all that backwards compatible and require a minimum 8X AGP).

Good Luck

Well, if VGA, Power, RAM, Monitor are ruled out you are left with Mobo again or CPU. What do you mean with SOUNDS FINE? Des it boot into windows? Or you just get the power-on beep? Do you have another mobo to test everything just switching mobo?
knowitalAuthor Commented:
Since no video avail, Reset CMOS by removing MoBo battery for 4 minutes; rebooted--same result. Post beep successful, but no further activity evident. All lights/fans working fine.

Hx: [Hx = History, for short]: bought MoBo new in Oct 03; in Mar 04, just booted up one day [no new installs [h-ware/s-ware/updates]--pc just hung still on boot up w/black screen; no post-beep; nothing happened.

Sent back to Japan to GIGABYTE Co for warranty repair or replacement; received back yesterday; did things as mentioned above--"NO SIGNAL" screen appears.

Am an IT specialist also--am Sure MoBo shorts are not a possibility: anchor srews all have ground ring between them and case housing; no stray wires loose or hanging loose--none at all.
Monitor and pc, both grounded [3 prong] and connected to working, new surge [2300 Watt] protector; 4 wire and full wire MoBo connections verified secure.

Do not have another video card and feel I can safely rule out the card as malfunctioning, since it works in other pc; but, [thus], cannot rule out AGP slot problem. Experienced 'feeling' is that not likely the "AGP" slot is damaged--would lean more toward MoBo not repaired properly, and/or MoBo may have been repaired and FULL MoBo functionality not thoroughly tested after repair stages completed.

knowitalAuthor Commented:
lbertacco: I mean, no "fast beeps', as w/some errors when you hear 'fast, continuous boot-up beeps, or no beep at all.

CPU IS a possibility, but will rule this out for now [at least sidebar it, since GIGABYTE Co. did find motherboard repair necessary--that indicates it may Very well have been the MoBo, that actually was damaged, and not the CPU [though, could be both]!

Have no way to test Pent 4 cpu--other MoBo is PIII compatable only.
Sounds like its time for a motherboard replacement
I think you have it covered - they have not repaired the board from whatever problem it originally had.  Check the cpu, to be thorough.
When you say "as if no monitor connected at all", where are you supposed to see the NO SIGNAL indication?  Anyway the posters here (and you) are right in that you are pretty much left with a mainboard failure if it worked with that video board before.  They may have sent it back with some flaky BIOS update that will not work with your video board; not very likely.  One of their manuals says removing the battery for 30 seconds will clear the CMOS, but you could try the momentary short on the reset pins (should be 1-2) way just in case.  Maybe you can find someone to lend you a P4 to try also.
It sounds to me as though they didnt actually fix the mobo.
Do you have a different memory stick to swap out?  I have seen this happen with faulty memory sticks.

Try it...
Send the board back. Sounds like they did not fix it correctly or at all. Happens to the best of us Personally I am waiting for the 3rd time on a board doa from newegg. IMO I dont think they even touched it just keep sending it back not testing it.
When you said you hear the beep is it one short beep or one long beep?  A long beep usually signals bad memory, cpu, or video card.  
Just for kicks...

Did you remove and reseat everything? I know I know... But it can not hurt to ask... If you do this long enough, you will make some stupid mistakes (God knows I have :) )

knowitalAuthor Commented:
Have tried diff mem sticks--same result; post beep is one short beep;

Aramis11: in my experience, the only time you shoudl see the "NO SIGNAL" on the screen under 'normal' conditions [when everything works right as far as MoBo and connections; cpu, etc...] is when you actually DO boot up w/o the monitor connected. CMOS battery removed for 4 minutes--Just to be Sure--same result.

Will take processor to work today and test. Get back w/you all later this evening w/result.

Thanks all, for really putting your thinking caps on here. If Processor ok, will send MoBo back for replacement nad awards points tomorrow a.m.
Good luck.
note the serial number of the board if you send it back, so you can check if it's the same coming back !

"5. Tested 2 monitors plugged in AGP card, on repaired MoBo system--"NO SIGNAL" appears with either connected."

You tested on 2 different monitors..., lcd screens (tft panel) or standard monitors?
Try a 14" monitor or something instead of lcd !!! ...

wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
hmmm Thought the Gigabyte Titan required 2 ea memory sticks, especially if they sent you a new mainboard.  In the device manager, disable/delete the driver then delete the controller and reboot the system.  Windows will find "New device found" and install the controller, and ask for the software drivers.  Just a hunch...

Personally I have moved away from Gigabyte motherboards, too many reported problems.
knowitalAuthor Commented:
wlennon: cannot perform your step if I cannot see the screen...
This is the Best MoBo I have had, til this malfunction at an early lifecycle [4 months til death]...Still, I'd buy another of its breed.
Your Mobo would make for a nice game of frizbee.  I mean really what could it hurt.  If the manufacturers can't fix it how the heck can we?  Might as well have some fun with it.
I have a Gigabyte. They Rock. Very odd stuff to hear a problem like this.

Get an Old and I mean Old computer, a pI 133 or so. I find the damn things being thrown out all the time so you can get one cheap and pull out its pathetic PCI video card out and hook it up.
This will help test against AGP port problems and others. And let you in the BIOS.
A Cirrus 5880 1 meg card worked in my Gigabyte 8knxp (pIV 3.2 w/ 2 gig of Dual 400mhz) for dual monitor experiments. Useless though cause it wouldn't get a high enough Resolution so we got a ATI Rage 8mb PCI. But Any PCI with No AGP will let you into BIOS.

If it works (PCI) try to find a AGP to test with. If it fails it is AGP related.
wlennonVP of Domestic & Int'l OperationsCommented:
The Gigabyte I had: GA-8IPE1000 Pro ver. 2 lasted 4 months and had to replace it with a like model to do an exchange and it only lasted 6 months.

So I have gone back to ASUS and got the P4P800se and have not had a problem since, plus it has a better range of memory that works with it.

Symptoms on the Gigabyte board were, video would not initalize, HDD light would stay on, even without it plugged in.  

So the options were:

Replace PSU (Power Supply Unit)
Graphics Card
Memory bad

Tested the TruePower PSU 430w all voltages were good, memory tested good on another PC, bought new ASUS board and it worked right off the bat.

Saw a recent question here where a guy posted nearly the same problem and replaced it with the same mainboard, and it worked for him too.
knowitalAuthor Commented:
Think we've beat this up enuff--sending board back for replacement.

Ruled out AGP Card--works in other pc's;
Ruled out Memory prob--works in other pc's;
Ruled out MoBo shorting out--no stray contact w/case, at all and all jumpers set properly; IDE connections verified [cables even switched out to verify operable]; power supply tested on other pc and other pow supp tested w/repaired MoBo--"No Video" still appears.
Only originally connected PCI cards/AGP are being conected to repaired MoBo and HDD is same also--MoBo CMOS should not conflict at all.

You all were awesome in troubleshooting this with me, thanks. Enjoy the point spread--spread points where I felt critical thinking directly targeted MY pc problem, and headed me toward resolution.

See you all again soon, sure Something will come up :)--always does!

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