Like Operator Fails in Sybase ASA 9.0

Problem with Sybase ASA

We have a table a_account_master having  columns
company_no N(3),
acct_key C(10)
and contains the Following data.

company_no  acct_key
1                  1114110
2                  2114110

Select * from a_account_master where acct_key like ‘%114110’;
Returns only one row

company_no  acct_key
2                   2114110                not 1114110. Why?

The above query works well with ASA 7.0 and returns
company_no  acct_key
1                  1114110
2                  2114110

Any comments? Appreciate your early response.
Thanks in advance.
Babu Abraham

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Jan FranekCommented:
Well, it looks strange. Are you sure, that acct_key doesn't contain any "invisible" characters (such as new line) at the end ? If it's not the case, then only thing I can think of is some sort of data or index corruption. I'd try to create new table with the same structure, copy the data from original table and try to run the same query on this new table. If the problem persist, I'd try to contact Sybase technical support.
What is the data type of the acct_key field?  I am not sure the LIKE operator works on non text fields.

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babuabiAuthor Commented:
acct_key is char(10).

BTW, I tried the test with asademo.db also. in the table ‘customer’ I added a row with fname = ‘1114110’ and tried the following query.

Select * from customer where fname like ‘%114110’;
No rows retrieved.

But the following queries worked.
Select * from customer where fname like ‘%14110’;
Select * from customer where fname like ‘%1114110’;

Select * from customer where fname like ‘%114110%’;

If this works then it is definently added characters issue.

Jan FranekCommented:
If Select * from customer where fname like ‘%114110’; didn't work and Select * from customer where fname like ‘%14110’; and
Select * from customer where fname like ‘%1114110’; worked, it's not a problem with invisible character at the end.

Are you sure, that there is no typo, like lowercase L instead of 1 ?

Did you try my suggestion about moving data into new table ? I'd also try to test, if the same behaviour occurs with varchar(10) instead of char(10).
babuabiAuthor Commented:
I tried creating a new table (ABCD) with same structure as a_account_master and inserted only one record with acct_key '1114110'. Still no luck.

Jan FranekCommented:
Try to use varchar instead of char
Tetsing with both VARCHAR and CHAR, the only time I could reporduce this was by inserting a line feed/carriage return:

CREATE TABLE #Test (cname CHAR(10), vname VARCHAR(10))
56", "114
union select "%456", "%456"
union select "!456","!456"
union select "$456","$456"
union select "456%456","456%456"
union select "4567","4567"
union select "456%","456%"
union select "4567%","4567%"

SELECT * from #Test where cname like "%456"
SELECT * from #Test where vname like "%456"

--select * from #Test

The only column which fails the check when it looks they should pass is the first values enetered (namely with lf/cr)
babuabiAuthor Commented:
This problem occurs only if enter the data having 7 characters or more beginning with 111, like '1114110', '11114110'.
If the string size is less than 7 characters the query works fine. Try using exactly the same data I used above. Then try the select statement 'Select * from Test where cname like '%114110'.
Anyway, I have already openned a support ticket with sybase. Let's see. I think this is the problem with ASA 9.0.1 version.

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