Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap 7F

Hi. I'm getting the dreaded Blue Screen with the message Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap 7F. I have no idea why this has happened. The last thing I downloaded was Adaptec CD Creator 5 and when I restarted the computer I got the blue screen. My OS is Win2k.

What can I do? I rang Dell tech support but they suggested I reformat my PC but then I'll loose about 20g of data. There's got to be a way to fix this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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ClaudeHaunchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't start the installer service?
Here is what I would do.

Start up in safe mode.
Then go to my computer, and into the C: drive
and go to the "Program Files" directory
find the "Adaptec" -- might be "Roxio"
Enter into that folder and
DELETE everything in there.

If it starts telling you  that it can't be removed because the file is in use.
take note of the filename.
for EACH file that
run at the command prompt:

regsvr32 /u c:\program files\adaptec easy cd creator\aspicd.dll
                                             CHANGE THIS PART TO SUIT YOUR SITUATION
i'm being very vague about this and that filename and directory were just best guesses. you'll need to use your
incredible powers of logic.

anyway, the whole object of this excersise is to completley erase the adaptec easy cd creator directory.
if you can do that without running regsvr32 congratulations.

adaptec probably installed an aspicd.dll or something to your windows directory. you should track that down and kill it like the disgusting peice of dynamicly linked libary that  it is. don't forget about your good friend regsvr32 /u

after you've unregistered the DLL's with 'regsvr32 /u' show them the quickest path to the trash can.
do the same thing with the CD that came with adaptec easy cd creator.
if you downloaded it, throw away the installation file.
forget about every using adaptec easy cd creator with windows2000

for my next trick i would open up the regedit and
swiftly remove with extreme predjuice any refrences to Adaptec
but you'd probably screw something up with that. So get yourself
something like "registry mechanic" (google for it)

and let it sort out the invalid pointers to non-exsistant directorys and dlls from adaptec

I'm not sure what works best with windows 2000 for cd burning but I'd give "nero burning rom" a shot.
again, google for it.

if this sounds too confusing for you.
call the nice folks that make easy cd creator and ask them how to uninstall their crapware.
adaptec sold out to roxio, and i'm sure roxio will tell you that they don't support it because it's an old version
and then dell will tell you to reformat.

i know you'd like to save the 20 gigs
and you can't back it up because you don't have a working cd burner.
life sucks sometimes

you might have to pony up 70 dollars or so and take it to a mom and pop pc repair shop down the street and
have one of the geeks there do this.
If you value your data that much then, take it as a  70 dollar lesson that EASY CD CREATOR SUCKS.
whatever you do. don't let anyone tell you you have to reformat. that's the idiots way out.

 -The word of GOD

NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
Try to boot in safe mode and uninstall Adaptec software.

gp_kellyAuthor Commented:

I tried doing that but I get a message saying that "windows installer service could not be accessed".
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Gp Kelly,

I Know this issue at hand. i never expeiranced it, but have heard of it. There are other ways to get into the system. If you have another PC in your home or work, use that one to access your pc that isnt working. Threw Networking. If this doesnt work, e-mail me with this address, and I will give you the defult software to remove this software. threw Floppy disk. As i cant access it at this current time.

Feel free to see other experts comments and see if that works, In the mean time if you would like send me an e-mail at (removed). I have a software that deletes these files that cause this. its VERY rare to find software like this. and im not trying to take any Member knowelge away from this topic. I will try to send it manualy to you, but im sure i wont have much luck. Thank you.

Justin Scott
Pc Expert 2007
PC-Expert2007 it is against EE rules to post your email in the threads.  It will probably be removed by a moderator soon.  Just thought you might want to know.


Sounds like something might have got corrupted when you installed EZ CD.  You might want to try and boot into safe mode and open a command prompt. ( go to start menu then run and type cmd then click ok)

Once there at the command prompt try typing:

chkdsk /f

This will do a check disk on the system and if it encounters errors it will try and fix them.  It might complain that it cannot be done but will ask you if you want to do that at the next re-boot, just say yes.  I have had blue screen before because of a variety of reasons and this seems to work for me 9 of 10 times.

If it doesn't work then let me know and I we will try a few other things.

CRAP!! sorry about. i rlly am. i didnt notice it in the rules. Sorry.
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