svcd+data with nero

i have an svcd (mpg) file that i want to burn to a cd but i also want to put some pictures in it too.  as in, i want the cd to play the svcd in the dvd player but also be able to view the files in a computer.  how do i do this with nero?
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parkerigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So long as you have DVD player software you can do this on your PC with no problems.

I use POWER PRODUCER to crete VCD for DVD and PC.


JaffaKREEConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can do this the way you want.  Burning the SVCD as SVCD will close the session.  You'll probably just have to put them on 2 cds.

Give this a try... burn the images as DATA.  Keep the session open.  Burn the MPG as SVCD.  I don't know for sure NERO will let you do this, but you can try.

I think he also wants to be able to play the DVD in a standalone dvd player.
djiangrAuthor Commented:
i used nero and i added a folder called "pictures" to the cd that already has the svcd folders (ie Segment, svcd,mpeg) and it worked in my dvd player and computer.  but, the computer said that the cd only had 5 mb on it but it can read the whole thing (svcd = 500mb, pics = 5mb).  so it is only reading one session or something??  i'm not sure this will play in all dvd players, but it did in mine.  what'd you guys think?
Yep, Session-related.
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