Unzip a .gz file

I am trying to unzip a file using Abbrevia's TAbUnZipper component.  The file I am trying to extract has a file extension of '.txt.gz'  When I run the program I get the error 'raised excpetion class EAbPartSizedInflate..'  My unzipper works for .zip and .tar files.  Does anyone know why this is not working or have a different solution??  Please help.

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php4delphiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
.GZ is extension for GZIP arhive (http://www.gzip.org/)  It's not a TAR or ZIP.
I can recommend http://www.base2ti.com/zlib.htm or http://www.ziptv.com/
jennifereAuthor Commented:
I have also tried installing and using the ZipForge component.  This also raises an exception... 'Invalid Archive File'!!
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