Please give step by step setup DNS for windows 2000 server DC

Please help me setup AD, DNS and Wins on a Windows 2000 domain server. I have two windows 2000pro clients and one XP pro Client. It seems easy but I have failed serval times. Thank you, Don
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Well that's quite a big question,

Could you explain why it's failed?

1) You need to check that your potential server meets the necessary specifications to install windows 2000 server on: absolute minimum requirements here:
Windows 2000 System Requirements including hardware compatibility:
Walkthrough and useful articles here:

Post back and explain what's happened so far and what your requirements are,

Deb :))
newwavedigitalAuthor Commented:
Everything I do only slows xp pro down even more. I have removed dns info and wins info.... Started over.

I have bought a new HP pavilion a656x with XP pro. I also just loaded a win2k server with clean install. I have one win2k pro and have no problems with logins. Xp pro very slow to login... I have spent hours reading and trying everything that people have been saying but just wasting my time... I need professional help and some computer help too. :)

Is there any one out there that will walk me through setup, if I need to setup DNS, Wins or AD please give me step by step.

My server is called and the address is

First the server setup if any.

Then XP pro setup using static ip address 192.168.xx.6.

I hope this is enough info to get started...
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Hopefully this should help - it assumes that you do not have either dns or wins configured on your server.

Basic DC Setup
First make sure your 2k server is fully patched – W2ksp4, download and install all critical updates.

Check your event logs on the server and make sure that they are clear – or solve any problems that are logged

Make sure that all devices are installed correctly and are working – right click my computer, properties, hardware, device manager – ensure that there are no yellow !, if there are check the device has the correct drivers installed – update drivers, and troubleshoot device as necessary.

Now given that you do not have dns or wins installed – (active directory needs dns as it relies on it very heavily)

Click start ->run    in open enter "dcpromo" without "" then click ok to start the active directory installation wizard –

Click next and then select domain controller for new domain – click next
Select create new domain tree – click next
Create new forest of domain trees – click next
Then enter your chosen domain name ie mydomain.local
You are then asked for the netbios name which is based on your chosen domain name – let the default stand and click next
Leave the database and log locations as they are and click next
Leave the sysvol folder location as it is and click next
You will then be warned that a dns server cannot be contacted and needs to be setup. Click ok, then allow auto configuration of a dns server – Selected by default -Yes install and configure DNS on this computer – click next
Choose which of the following options applies to your – let’s assume you go with permissions compatible with windows 2000 servers only – click next
You are then asked for an admin password – type it in twice and don not forget it!
This brings up a confirmation screen – click next to start configuring active directory.

As you don’t have dns configured you’ll be prompted for the windows 2000 disk – insert it and click ok and dns will be setup automatically, click finish when prompted and allow reboot.

Check event logs for any probems: A common one is a w32time error, click start run, enter cmd then click ok to open a command prompt – type:

C:\>net time /setsntp:w2kserver
 (ie if your server is called – this sets it as a time server for the domain)

Next check your tcp/ip settings – change the preferred dns server from loopback 127.0.0.x to the same static ip as your server.

Allowing auto-configuration of dns should now mean you’re ready to join your pc’s to the domain.

In tcp/ip on the lan connection settings of each pc – set a static ip address in the same range as your server ie so long as these don’t clash with any other ip addresses you may have (ie gateway/router/ network printer etc. – if you have a default gateway address for a router you can enter that address in the default gateway too on server and clients – if you haven’t – don’t)

Server ip:
PC w2k: / subnet mask
PC XP: / subnet mask

On the client make sure that preferred dns server is set to the same as your server ip address ie here it would be (you don’t need any other dns server addresses in tcp/ip settings)

To join it to the domain – right click my computer – properties and then click network identification tab and then click the network id button to run the wizard. Make sure part of business network and network with a domain are checked and run through it.

Make sure you supply your domain admin name, password and your domain name, which will be mydomain for a domain called When prompted that a domain account cannot be found for your client - call your computers different names, and use the same domain name again ie mydomain.

Again you’ll need to supply your domain admin account details and domain name to join the pc’s to the domain. Add a user if you wish for now, then when the wizard completes reboot and you should be able to logon to the domain without problem.

Hope that's helpful,

Deb :))

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newwavedigitalAuthor Commented:
After doing the above it has erased all my users and groups I have created. I have a second system (2000 Backup Server) offline that has all the groups and user names, can I export and import or do I need to recreate everything? Thank you Deb.
newwavedigitalAuthor Commented:
Also after doing everything you said its still very slow to logon........... XP Sucks!@ .......... Thank you for your help Deb. I dont know what I am going to do.
Your initial question gave the impression you were starting from a clean install and didn't mention server no.2, hence the instructions I posted. Is your main problem just the slow xp login? It depend really what the problem is as to the best way to go with this, so please post as much info as you can on your current system and all issues that you have. The instructions I gave were for creating the first dc in a domain, so now I know you have a backup 2k server - let me know about the setup on that - It must be a domain controller I assume, so did you take this offline before or after running dcpromo on your main server, and did you transfer any roles to it before you took it offline? I am assuming that you will be wanting to integrate this back into the domain? It really is important that you post as much info as you can, so that you get the right help,

Also post the results of an ipconfig /all from both your main server and the xp client, (edited for confidentiality)

Deb :))
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