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I have a laptop with Windows XP Pro and a Desktop with Windows 2003 Server. I am wondering if there is a way to syncronize the "My Pictures" folders between the two.
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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Synchronization is a part of the Offline Files feature.   Here are some of my notes on this from way back...

Offline Files and Caching                                          
      Three steps are involved in setting up your or your user’s Windows XP Professional computer to use Offline Files:                                    
      1. Enable the Offline Files feature.                                                      
      2. Make one or more files or folders available offline.  (Folder must also be shared)                                                      
      3. Configure Offline Files settings to control caching options and disconnection response.                                                      
      Enabling Offline Files                                                      
      Before you can make any content available offline, you must enable the use of Offline Files on your computer.                                                      
      1. Click on the Start button and open My Computer.                                                      
      2. Select the Tools menu at the top of the window and Click Folder Options.                                                      
      3. Select the Offline Files tab and enable.                                                      
      Caching - options set at the Folder Level                                                      
            3 options for Caching                                                
            1     Manual Caching of Documents                                          
                         User decides which files to make available offling                                          
            2      Automatic Caching of Documents                                          
                  Documents that are opened are automatically downloaded and 'cached' or made available                                          
            3      Automatic Caching of Documents and Programs      
                              For Read-only files - Opened files are automatically dnloaded but older copies are deleted and      
                        updated with newer files
      Offline Files Wizard            (Only used the first time Make Available Offline is used)      
            1      Go to file (that you want to make available - usually on server) > Context Menu > Make Available Offline      
            2      Configure General Off Files parameters      
            3      Suggest you put Offline Files Folder on Desktop for ease of use      
      Synchronization Settings                  
            Tools > Synchronize            
            Use Setup Button            
      NOTE:       Manual Caching of Files shows on Details portion of open folder as "Always Available Offline"            
            Automatic Caching of Files shows as "Temporarily Available Offline"            
                  Because there is a set amt of disk space set aside > this can be adjusted by >      
                  > Folder Options > Offline Files tab > Adjustment for disk space for Temporary O.F.
      NOTE:      Encryption can be enabled on the Offline Folders Tab also            
      NOTE:      Re-synchronize cache manually by CTRL-SHIFT-DEL combiniation (this clears the cache)            

      Cache is a HIDDEN SYSTEM Directory located on Host (enable hidden folders)                                    
            > System Partition > Windows > CSD folder (Client Side Cache)                              
            NOTE:        Because the CSD is in system folder it can cause system issues (ex - defrag)                        
                  Move the CSD folder using Cachemov.exe (From Resource Kit)                        
      File types that cannot be cached:                                    
            slm      mdb      ldb      mdw      mde      pst
            This can be overridden using Group Policy                              
                  Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Offline files >                        
                        File Not Cached policy                  

You could just share the directory and copy the files over keep them on 1 system as the priority. If you have enough bandwidth and are always connected this is easy.
dbruyereAuthor Commented:
    This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the detailed answer.

     I had tried that before, but my pics are in separate folders within "my Pics". When I copied them over, some ended up getting deleted, as one folder would over-write the second folder. Lost some pictures that way.
dbruyereAuthor Commented:
One followup question if you don't mind. On my desktop, it says, "Remote Desktop is configured to accept multiple connections. Offline files cannot be enabled with Romote Desktop in this configuration". I only need to allow one connection thru remote desktop. How would I fix this?
Never seen that warning before, but I assume (if you are not using Remote Desktop) that you could turn it off.    This is done with the Remote Tab of your My Computer Properties.  

It may also be referrring to Fast User Switching...  hmm...

How can I disable Fast User Switching in Windows XP Pro?

Additionally, here is a link for Offline Files configuration that may help you..
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