Hard Drive Partitions

   I recently purchased a notebook computer, and i realized that my 80 gb hdd was split with a partition. The (c:) drive which is the primary physical partition has a capacity of 27.95 gb and it is the drive with windows installed on it and everything else. Where as the (d:) drive which is the logical drive has a capacity of 46.58 GB with nothing installed on it. Is it possible to simply delete the logical drive. And by doing that, would the disk space on that drive be moved to the (c:) drive.

   help appreciated,
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khennsuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes and no

if you can get your hands on a copy of partition magic 8, it can perform the operation in question with no problem.  Simply install (powerquest) partition magic 8 and use the easy menu navigation to merge the partition to your C drive.  

 I could be mistaken but  i believe logical disk manager (in WinXP) cannot do this.  However I would consider reformatting that partition (primary, NTFS) and using it as a non-system drive which contains all your documents and media files.  That way, if you need to format c: and reinstall, your documents and media are safe on another partition and removed from the equation/hassle entirely.  This is my practice and I find it invaluable whenever I reinstall the OS.

Otherwise, PM8 kicks as(terisk?)s.

Good Luck!


P.S. If you're running winXP DON'T use Partition Magic 7 (for whatever that's worth). PM8. :-)

I'd do that with PowerQuest Partition Magic
It's the best program to manage partitions (easy and safe), but it's not free.
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genius_xpAuthor Commented:
Cant i just delete the logical drive from computer managment? without having to spend money on 3rd party software?
genius_xpAuthor Commented:
ok thanks ill try and get a copy of partition magic 8..thanks for your help
and thank you!
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