Cannot console into a cisco 1912 switch using hyperterm on a xp pro machine?

I need to be able to set the vty password but I can't console into the switch.  I made 2 different rolled cables and I used the settings in hyperterm that cisco recommends, I even tried to use a different baud rate but it didn't work. I connected the cable to the console port on the switch and the nic on my xp machine.   My xp machine says that my network cable is unpluged.  I have heard that hyperterm on 2k and xp may not work with this switch.  Is this true?  The switch appears to be working fine, it even picked up an ip from dhcp.  I am fairly new to cisco.  Any ideas?
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>I connected the cable to the console port on the switch and the nic on my xp machine.
The console is a serial connection that plugs into your COM1 port, not the ethernet nic.
You need a 9-pin serial connector on one end of the cable.
DaleFrazierAuthor Commented:
Can you buy a cable like this at a computer store.  I would not know how to make such a cable.  The cisco book said that I needed a rolled cable?  
You do need a rolled cable, but with their 9-pin serial adapter.
here are the pinout specs:

You should be able to buy a RJ45 to 9-pin serial adapter that meets these specs. Print this out and take it to your local electronics store. Connect the adapter to COM1 port, and use a rolled cable to connect it to the console port.
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