Iplanet messanging server migration to Exchange

 I have been tasked with looking at a way to migrate users from Iplanet/Messaging Server 5.1 to exchange 2003.  Is there a connector I can use?  Is it possible to use an LDAP connection from Netscape directory to AD?

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BNettles73Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You should be able to use the migration wizard ... it is a pretty straightforward process ... probably can find most of the information in the help files. I'll try to dig you up some more info.
I think you can also use the moveuser utility (I think it is in the resource kit) ... I've never used it but probably some info on the net regarding how to.
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RichyNZAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info BNettles73,  I have a couple of questions.  I do not seem to be able to enumerate users from the directory using the migrate from internet directory wizard.  I can connect to the directory using LDP & query OK.  There are some legacy  organisation units in the tree, eg.


The user accounts are located in the second node  +o=domain.xxx,0=domain.xxx,c=xx .
Is it possible the wizard will only read the first node?


Did you read through Chapter 1 & 4 of Interoprability and Migration Guide?
Chapter 5 takes you through Troubleshooting Interoperability and Migration Issues.

To be honest I've never done any Sun migration so it is difficult to say ... Where are you running the migration utility? From the new E2K3 target domain right?

Have you configured all of the new accounts in the target domain? There is a pretty specific process for stepping through the migration ...

fyi ... not sure what yoru budget is like but you may still want to look into the imanami product ... looked pretty to use at least -
Imanami’s Directory Transformation Manager (DTM) - http://www.msexchange.org/software_reviews/Imanamis_Directory_Transformation_Manager_DTM.html

I'll try to look around this afternoon and dig up some migration articles on Sun products ... I know I've seen some whitepapers or case studies on Migrating from Sun One ...
RichyNZAuthor Commented:
Thanks,   Yes I have read all the chapters & am writing up an action plan.  As you say it does look pretty simple but then things like this always do until you are actually testing.  I can always do an ldap export to get user accounts for loading into the AD  but would obviously like to to know why the exchange wizard cannot read the directory (an old version of LDAP maybe).   Why is it explicitly looking for an "internet container" & not reading all the LDAP tree?  
RichyNZAuthor Commented:
I am accepting your reply as it does cover how I go about doing this migration.  I am still having issues trying to get the internet mail wizard reading the iplanet directory but that is another issue.  thanks
RichyNZAuthor Commented:

I have found out that a simple switch is required to enumerate accounts.  When using the migration wizard & entering your LDAP server IP address or DNS add the following switch, /o=domain,c=uk

One of those annoying little things that always seem to be left out of documentation.
Always seems to be something like that eh? Glad you found it and good job posting the follow up!
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