Copied zone files in Linux

I'm running RH7.2

I already had another linux box running 7.2 which has been my DNS server for a while.

I'm finally building a secondary DNS server, but I'm having trouble with the zone files.

I just want to setup another primary DNS server, I don't care about slave and auto replication.

I copied all the zone files from /var/named  and I copied the /etc/named.conf

On the new box i'm trying to use the Bindconfig utility which doesn't see the zone files when I load it, if I save the config in Bind it overwrites my named.conf

I've read that you can't use bind config after you've edited the zone files, but I'm just copying zone files that were created with the same version of bind config.  It would be helpful if I didn't have to manually do this.

Your help is appreciated.
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As I recall Bindconfig and manual manipulation of the Bind config/data are mutually exclusive. One has to do everything manually or everything with Bindconfig. And if memory serves, that's because Bindconfig has a private area that holds the data necessary to build named.conf & the zone files. Changes made manually to either are lost when Bindconfig is run.

The easiset, and best thing to do would be to set up the second box as a replicated secondary.  That's a very simple config and easy to do.
ITDharamAuthor Commented:
So then how do you setup a Master/Slave relationship using bindconfig gui?
I have no idea how you'd do that with Bindconfig, or even if it is possible. What I'd do is to get the named.conf from the primary server and change it to be a slave for all zones other than the root servers "hint" zone and localhost zones. Then I'd get a copy of the root zone and create the local host zones. I'd also have to allow the slave access to the zone data on the master. And that's all there is to it.

Maintaining a DNS server probably isn't best done by a Gui. On the other hand it isn't difficult to learn how to do this manually. A Gui can handle the simple case of a single server quite well, but fancier things like secondaries or split views are probably outside of its reach.
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