HotBrick 600/2 Headache

I have a HotBrick 600/2 Firewall VPN appliance that is giving me a  headache. I've been messing around with here and there for awhile, but I haven't touched it in a over a week. When I came back I found that all the led lights were lit and I was unable to access the router in any way.


Plug Router in:
1. Power light green, 4th lan light green
Several seconds pass
2. Power light green, all lan lights orange
serveral seconds pass
3.power light green, all others off

Repeate these steps at varying rates of speed and delay


Reset does not affect it in ANY way

I've tried connecting to the router by setting my computer tcp/ip up with

No joy. When I have it setup like this and ping it it usualy says destination "host unreachable", but during certain parts of the above cycle it says "hardware error".

Cycle power. I've left it unplugged for over 24 hours when you plug it back in same thing


Any ideas on cause? Did the hardware go bad?

Will reinstalling firmware make a diffrence? How do you do this I hear it was a pain. Where do I get the firmware? Hotbricks site doesn't have it, (or ANY real support)
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vnekicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like there is some trianing in order!  :)

First, to reset the have to do it in a special way.
Hold the reset button for 10 seconds... then let go... when all lights flash... press and hold reset again for 5 seconds.
Then is reset.  Now there are different ways to reset the units...  Pressing and holding for certain time is 5 sec, 10 different things.

Also, if your reset and when the lights reset that 5 times in a row does a full reset.

Otherwise, yes, a reflash is always a good idea if your Plug-n-play system destroyed the bios.  A weak point to hotbrick.  Turn of PNP in unit !!!!  Flashing IS a pain and you need to contact tech support for that...and they will help you with the reset.  Their support can be reached either by phone or by email.  They are good about supporting...but, you have to wait for them to get back to you.

Good luck...maybe the reset will help you.
GrummleAuthor Commented:
I got your "Sounds like there is some trianing in order!  :)" Right here. What part of "Reset does not affect it in ANY way" didn't you understand? Hold it for 5, 10,15, 20,30,35 seconds doesn't matter(Yes, reseting it multiple times in a row does matter). I may be relativly new but I'm not a moron. Telling me to contact customer support is not exactly what I would call a usefull solution.
With your last comment... see if anyone help you anymore....moron!
GrummleAuthor Commented:
I don't like you, but customer service had to replace the router. (Looks like lightning got it) So your suggestion to see customer support wins out.
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