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Good Day,

I think I activate some accessability option with the result that I can only type in CAPS even with caps lock off and even with caps lock on+shift. Also,i cannot use my mouse to scroll within a page. When i scroll up or down I go to the next or previous page.

Help, I had to log on here from another computer because my password has lower case letters

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DVation191Connect With a Mentor Commented:
is your shift key stuck? holding shift+scroll acts as forward and backward for also can make your lowercase letters uppercase, of course.

disable sticky keys with this registry key...

click open, and let it merge into your registry. you may have to reboot. see if that helps.
Make sure your Scroll lock is off
when your at the logon screen, press the windows logo key and the letter u at the same time.

Check out the Accessibility utility program that opens and see if you can turn something off that's causing this issue.
i believe its 'Sticky Keys'  you need to disable
Go to the Control Panel and double-click Accessability Options and uncheck "Use StickyKeys".  Then reboot.
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