Static routing in cisco

Up to this point, I have been using RIP along with default routing in my network.  
I want to try it with strictly static routing and I have some questions.

1. Can you use static routing and default routing in conjunction? Any conflicts that I should be made aware of?
2. What about using all 3 at once (static, dynamic and default)?
3. Does ip classless need to be enabled on the router using default routing?
4. They say you can only use default routing when you have one exit interface. Can anyone elaborate?

Thank you
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Don JohnstonConnect With a Mentor InstructorCommented:
1.      Yes and not really
2.      Yes, you can
3.      Not unless you have dis-contiguous subnets
4.      Not exactly. A default route is a route. The same rules apply.

Sohoware Cable Router
      Will need a static route to with the next hop of with the next hop of

      Will need a static route to with a next hop of with a next hop of

      Will need a static route to with a next hop of

Although since there are no devices (other than the routers) on the network, you could elect to not create static routes for that network.

dissolvedAuthor Commented:
PS: Here is my network.
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Thanks. The way I had it set up before was:

Cable Router
Static route to
RIP enabled

RIP enabled
default route to

RIP enabled
default route to

Worked great. I cannot do complete static routing because I cannot turn off RIP in my cable router. No option.
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