The procedure entry point resetstkoflw and downhill from there

My machine has stopped during iXP Pro SP1 nstallation at "setup will complete in approximately 35 minutes."  The history is as follows. It is a new custom machine and everything was working fine. I restarted after anormal Windows uodate and when the machine rebooted a low-resolution screen came up with this message: "The procedure entry point resetstkoflw could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll." To make a long story short, no normal procedures would revert the machine to normal operating environment (safe mode, boot to last known good ... ), etc. The machine specs (roughly ... if I was an expert, I wouldn't need you guys), Intel865PE / IC5R chipset, P4 3.2 not overclocked, 2 1024 Gig 3200 memory, ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe motherboard, Gigabyte 9800 XT Graphics accelerator, one Western Digital SATA 250 gig drive and two 17 gig scsi. BAck to history ... we attempted to do the XP repair routine but were stopped at the gate by the administrator password prompt ( a password was never estabished on installation). Finally, my  local expert (home asleep now), attempted to use ERD to fix the proble to no avail, which leads to where we are now. We started a clean installation on one of the scuzzys and the installation was progressing normally and stopped at in the "preparing installation"  phase. The progress bar for installation is at about 55%. The looping screen messages are working and the dots in the lower right had screen are working. And then I discovered you guys. HELP! Fortunately, my laptop is functioning well and we an communiate. This is not a gaming machine. I am a graphic artist using Adobe creative suite and photoshop practitioner and am essentially shut down.
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jjk16Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hello joe,

For info on your problem....

It seems your not the only one who has had this very same problem. It basically says that file was replaced with a version that it didnt like or that it was corrupted and couldnt find what it needed. Make sure your data is safe(documents, pictures, music)

ERD 2003 - from winternals, has system restore which you can load settings from a previous successful boot. Although, make sure you back up your files as the documents and settings folders  get moved to erd undo cache.

Another idea,

You can use ERD to extract the file or you can use ERD to change the password of the Administrator account and use the recovery console from there. Also, A password is  established on every installation, whether a blank one or empty one.
When changing passwords use at least one capital letter, numbers and make the password longer then 7 characters.

If you try to change a password with something easy like password and the password is more complex you will run into password problems.

In regards to the clean install on the scsi's, If it is a clean install that is failing it's usually related to hardware, which drive had the OS been install on  previously? the sata? During the initial install of XP did you press f6 to use the scsi driver that came with the Motherboard?   easiest way to solve problems like this is to remove unneccesary hardware,   like floppies, tv tuner cards extra dvd/cd-rw drive, extra stick of ram, and try the install again. good luck

camelbreathAuthor Commented:
Thanks JJ: We managed to get windows installed, but are having some boot problems ... Henry, my goto guy who built tthinks he can whip that. Thanks for the link and the info.
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