driver keeps failing

My computer from time to time keeps rebooting. That hasn't happened for a couple of days now but I would like to know what is causing it to reboot.
I look at the event viewer and the following description is given:
Error code 000000ca, parameter1 00000001, parameter2 ff392c28, parameter3 ffac3800, parameter4 00000000.
I don't know what 000000ca is and I was wondering if you guys could help me resolve this issue. What is making the PC reboot? I know that the above description is causing it because it rebooted at the time the error was created.
There are no other error messages in the event viewer except the following one (which occured around the same time):
Error code 000000ca, parameter1 00000001, parameter2 81d094d8, parameter3 81d4e560, parameter4 00000000.
But once again, it starts of with 000000ca.
When the "blue screen of death" appears the same error description is given.
Please help!
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is a very important clue.  Memory is not supposed to behave that way, and what you described is a faulty memory slot.  STOP errors are frequently memory-related, so I think you have identified the source of your problem.  Test it out by removing RAM from the suspected slot, and use the laptop for an extended period of time.
You will need to post what OS you are using.  Is this a STOP error?
ernesAuthor Commented:
I'm using XP Pro SP1. Not sure what you mean by STOP error.
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Something like the Stop errors and blue screens found here:

000000ca is
ernesAuthor Commented:
Yes, it is a STOP error. How would I go about finding what exactly is failing?
If it's 0xCA, I found this:

Basically, you have a bad or corrupt driver in there.  What might fix it is a SFC /SCANNOW, run from a DOS shell.  It will require your WinXP CD and it will attempt to restore the driver it thinks is good.  You will need to update patches again, though.
ernesAuthor Commented:
I tried the command but it didn't help because the PC keeps on rebooting from time to time.
Any other suggestions?
Possible memory problem, or heat problem.  What cpu are you running, and what temperatures are you seeing?  Everest can help monitor temperatures:

For memory testing, try  If it fails, you know the RAM is bad; if it passes, it may be a false positive.
ernesAuthor Commented:
Here is the info on the CPU:
CPU Type      Mobile Intel Pentium IIIE, 750 MHz (8 x 94)
CPU Alias      Coppermine, CuMine, A80526
Instruction Set      x86, MMX, SSE
Original Clock      800 MHz
L1 Code Cache      16 KB
L1 Data Cache      16 KB
L2 Cache      256 KB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed)
CPU Manufacturer      
Company Name      Intel Corporation
CPU Utilization      
CPU #1      35 %
The CPU is not overheating but it is interesting that you brought up memory. I did run the program you suggested; it took a long time but I did run it. It did not find any errors with the memory but here is what I've experienced and I'm not sure if it relates to this problem.
From time to time, when I bring my PC from hibernation, I only see 256MB of RAM when the laptop has 512 (it doesn't always happen but it does happen about 70% of time). I took out the memory piece that I thought caused problems and booted with one 256 piece in both slots and it ran fine from either slot (to test if it is the slot and not the memory). I bought a new 256MB piece and it worked the first week or so then I started seeing only 256MB of RAM again. Now, when I boot with only one 256MB from one of the two slots, the PC won't boot which means that the slot on the motherboard is bad (that did not happen until after I bought the new 256MB piece). This happened just recently. My questions is, could that have been the cause of the PC automatically rebooting? I think that one of my memory slots is slowly dying because I have no other explanation for this.
ernesAuthor Commented:
That's what I was expecting. I will award the points to you because you have been very helpful.

Thank you.
Ok, thanks for the consideration.
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