Exchange 5.5 Problems!!

Hi ecerybody!

OK here is the dilema....first of all I just recently switched ISP in our cmpany so I need to update the mail servers so we caan receive e-mail.  We are able to send out e-mail just fine.  The IT person left the company about a year ago, so I have been taking over.  So..when I go into the exhange 5.5, it asks to connect to the sever.  The server name is correct and when I click gives me an error that it can't connect to that server.  But when I set up an invidual account on a seperate finds the server o and everything is fine.  Yet when I go to the server that exchange is onand try to connect, I can't.  Is there another way to change the incoming mail IP's?  Also, I contacts the IT guy to see if he knew the password to get into exchange if I did ever connect and he never knew what is was becuase he didn't set it.  So thats my second there somewhere to reset the password?  I think I am stuck here and we can't receive any e-mail!!  Can someone please help me out!!  Thanks in advance.....
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NetoMeter ScreencastsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1. Apply (reapply) SP4 for Exchange 5.5. That will fix the problem with logging into the Exchange administrator.
2. What are the IP settings for your Exchange 5.5 server - is it pointing to your internal WINS and DNS servers?
3.  It seems that your Exchange 5.5 server is working fine. I think that the outside world can not receive an answer for the MX queries for your Public Domain Name and that is why you do not receive external e-mail. The easiest way to check this is to give us your Public IP address and your Domain name (they are public anyway so you do not risk anything). I can try to perform an MX query from outside and we'll find out immediately whether this is the problem.

NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
What kind of Internet Connection do you have?
Are you able to login to the Exchange 5.5 Server?

It looks like that your ISP is responsible for receiving your e-mail and Exchange 5.5 is downloading the emails from ther ISP and dispatching them into the mailboxes.
WAiting for your answers:)

jfonseca3Author Commented:
We are using Verizon business DSL.  They gave me the correct server names and IP address.  I just need to update the Microsoft Exchange, but it won't find the network.  Every other computer is able to access the exchange sever, but when I go into Exchange and type in the server says it can't locate it.  Then I do browse, and it syas can't find any network or somthing like that.  Its really crazy and I think I need a re-install, but I am not sure where the software is.  Does this help you at all?  
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hello ,

so the situation is that the workstation can connect to your ms exchange server.
but the server can not connect the MTA (mail transfer agent) of you ISP ?

Is there a firewall that can block your smtp traffic, it could ones be allouwd to your old isp.
But now that you have changed isp this traffic could be block by your firewall .?
So check if there is a rule in your firewall for smtp traffic , and if it is linkt to 1 (old isp)
ip adresse or to just the internet ?
NetoMeter ScreencastsCommented:
Cool down, jfonseca3!

So, you are able to logon to the Exchange 5.5 server?
Let's start figuring out things one by one.

1. "So..when I go into the exhange 5.5, it asks to connect to the sever." - Do you mean that when you start the Exchange 5.5 Administrator it asks to connect to a server? If that is the case can you type the internal IP of your Exchange 5.5 server instead of typing the name of your Exchange server?
You can find the IP by typing "ipconfig" in dos prompt on the Exchange server.

2. Verizon Busyness DSL comes with a static public IP address. You have to find out whether your old ISP was hosting the DNS zone (which most probably was the case) or you had your own external DNS server. In case you do not have your own external DNS server you have to call Verizon and ask them to set a DNS zone and specify an MX record for your mailr server.

3. What happens when the users send mail to each other internally?

4. Can you check what DNS server your Exchange 5.5 is pointing to? I forgot to ask you whether you have an NT 4.0 domain or Active Directory.
Your Exchange 5.5 should be pointing to your internal DNS server.

Waiting for your reply!

jfonseca3Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply neto...

1.) I mean logging into the Exchange 5.5 administrator.  I have tried using the IP and I get no where, even when I click browse, it tells me it can't connect.

2.) We purchase our domain name through network solutions.  I have contact Verizon to give me the primary and secondary name severs and IP addresses, I have forwarded this to Network and they are all set.  I just need to update the exchange for the new name servers.

3.)  We can send mail internally just fine, we send and receive almost instantaneous.  We can also send out as well.

4.) I know the exchange server was pointing to the AT&T servers, using netswitch, I deleted the old ones and put in the new.  When I use nslookup it has my new server info correct, but then it says DNS timed out after 2 secs (or something)

I hope this helps...let me know.  Thanks.
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